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Colloquium: Research Informing the Prevention of Sexual Offending Against Children

Mar 22, 2018

Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology presents:

Colloquium on Pedophilia: Research Informing the Prevention of Sexual Offending Against Children

with Ian McPhail, PhD candidate, Department of Psychology

March 22, 2018
4:00 pm
Arts 153

Abstract: Pedophilia is a sexual interest in prepubescent children and is an important risk factor for understanding why some people commit sexual offences against children. In this talk, fundamental empirical and conceptual issues in our understanding of pedophilia are identified and findings from a program of research addressing these issues are presented. The talk examines the latent structure of pedophilic interests, whether therapeutic interventions are effective in treating pedophilic interests, whether pedophilic interests are associated with sexual offences against children, and the developmental experiences of people living with pedophilic interests. Future directions in this research program are discussed, including research that examines a variety of issue in people with pedophilic interests living offence-free lives and how we can broaden the capacity for providing prevention-focused interventions in the Canadian context.

Members of the university community and the general public are welcome to attend this presentation, which is part of the Department of Psychology’s monthly colloquium series.


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