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New Feminist Lecture Series: Praba Pilar

Mar 7, 2018

New Feminist Lecture Series: Praba Pilar

Wednesday, March 7
7:00 pm
Gordon Snelgrove Gallery

“Situated Embodied Resistance to 21st Century Necro-Techno-Colonialism”: Praba Pilar will present a lecture and performance, which will address how contemporary technological corporations such as Facebook, Google and others form a global apparatus of surveillance capitalism; this is 21st century necro-techno colonialism that adapts the ‘salvation narrative’ to proclaim a future of liberation and instrumentalize faith. In this way, online data brokers convert biological life into an extra-judicial colony in service of exploitation, dominance and control. 


PRABA PILAR is an independent artist and scholar keen on disrupting the contemporary ‘Cult of the Techno-Logic,' while working on decolonizing initiatives in community.  A diasporic Mestiza Columbian, she creates live art, performances, digital and electronic works, participatory workshops, experimental lectures and publications. Having recently completed a PhD in Performance Studies from the University of California, Davis, and a post-doctoral fellowship in Digital Humanities and New Media through the Hub for Innovative Exchange (HIVE) with the Institute for Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Winnipeg, she is presently Co-Director of the Hindsight Institute and of Disinterpellation Technologies.


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