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The College of Arts and Science deeply values support from our donors. All investments of time and money, regardless of size or designation, help advance the vision of the University of Saskatchewan.

We are truly grateful to the following individuals and corporations who supported the College of Arts and Science with gifts in 2018.


Gillian Boyd; Dr. Stuart and Mary Houston


Gabriel Dumont Institute; Charles Pachter; Arthur Perillat*


Cameco Corporation; Cleo Girgulis*; George McNevin; Neil Richards*; Anonymous (3)


Dr. Frederick Mechner Barnard Scholarship Trust; Merrill Black*; Dr. Christopher and Laura Foley; Google Inc.; Kimiko Hirose; Jeff Mooney; Dr. That Ngo; Marilyn Parson; Saskatchewan Power Corporation Inc.; Dr. Melvyn Stauffer; Patricia Williams


Marjorie Cameron; Great Plains Drilling Ltd.; Jillian Kusch; Hugh McNeill; Naheda Sahtout; Anonymous (3)


Arts and Science Students Union; Scott Banda; Evelyn Bligh; Alfons Boving; The Calgary Foundation; Linda Carmichael; Kenneth Choi; Eric Cline; Scott Decksheimer and Kara Exner; Cam Ewart; Cameron Forbes; Dr. Don and Norma Gendzwill; Dr. Earl Gordon; Grace-Westminster United Church; Susan Hatfield; Harry Hershey; Dr. Agnes Herzberg; Harold Hornford; Valerie Hume; Int’l Association for Impact Assessment Western and Northern Canada; Klassique Designs; Doretha and Bob Kowalishin; Deborah Lee; Steven Lewis; Dr. J.F. and Matilde Lopez; Dr. Alistair McCrone; Irene McEwen; Lachlan McLeod; Jeremy Morgan; Dr. Kay Nasser; Emil Nenniger; Dr. Edward Neufeld; MaryLou Ogle*; Dr. Peter Phillips; Bart Ramsay; Frances Rank; Roy Romanow; Dr. Vipen Sawhney; Dr. Lloyd and Margaret Skarsgard; Jean Smith; Dr. David Taylor; Paul and Deanna Tremblay; Guy Vanderhaeghe; Laura Vanin; Joan Vanterpool; Dr. Ian Warkentin; Dr. Carey Williamson; communications Inc.; Anonymous (12)


*Denotes a bequest 

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