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Spring 2019: the secrets and lies issue

Arts&Science spring 2018 cover artwork by Tammi Campbell
On the cover:

The abstract expressionist paintings of Brian Kachur (BA‘03) represent the secrets and lies we hide from ourselves—what Jungian psychology calls our shadow. His illustration work, on the other hand, is where he has fun. Follow him on Instagram and look for his first solo exhibition this fall at Flint in Saskatoon.


Shannon Boklaschuk

Shannon Boklaschuk (BA’00, MPA’14) is a communications officer in the College of Arts and Science and a writer for the Saskatoon Express. She completed bachelor’s degrees in women’s and gender studies and journalism at the University of Saskatchewan and the University of King’s College, as well as a master’s degree at USask’s Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy.

Dr. Brooks DeCillia

Dr. Brooks DeCillia (BA’95) spent 20 years reporting and producing news at CBC. His PhD research at the London School of Economics and Political Science investigated the media’s role in shaping public opinion about Canada’s military mission in Afghanistan. He splits his time between researching public opinion at the University of Calgary and teaching journalism at Mount Royal University. He currently serves as a member of the USask Senate.

Tom Eremondi

Tom Eremondi (BA’82) has been a professional communicator for three decades. For 15 years, he was a features writer at the Saskatoon StarPhoenix and a columnist with the Saskatoon Sun. He is currently communications director at the Saskatoon City Hospital Foundation, where he uses the magic of words to conjure donations for the good of health care.

Brian Kachur

Brian Kachur (BA’03) is the creative services specialist in marketing and communications at USask, as well as a painter and illustrator. He holds a BA in art history from the College of Arts and Science and is a certified graphic designer with the Graphic Designers of Canada.

Ashleigh Mattern

Ashleigh Mattern (BA’11) has been working as a journalist since 2007. She is the co-owner of Vireo Productions, a web design and marketing firm; co-owner of Play Sask Sports and Recreation, an adult rec sports league; and a part-time reporter at CBC Saskatoon. Read more about Ashleigh at ashleighmattern.com.

Joanne Paulson

Joanne Paulson (BA’82) is a longtime Saskatoon journalist, having worked for the Saskatoon StarPhoenixWestern Producer and Saskatoon Express as well as magazines and other publications. More recently, she has published two novels set in Saskatoon: Adam’s Witness and Broken Through.

Christopher Putnam

Christopher Putnam (BA’07) worked as a reporter in Saskatchewan weekly newspapers, a researcher in crime television and an online writer before joining the College of Arts and Science as a communications officer. He completed bachelor’s degrees in English at USask and in journalism at the University of King’s College in Halifax.

William Robertson

William Robertson (BA’77, MA’81) has been teaching English and creative writing for the Indian Teacher Education Program since 1996. He also taught at the SUNTEP program in Prince Albert for 20 years. He has edited two anthologies of his students’ poetry, including Where I’m From: ITEP Creative Writing 2005–2013, and has published five collections of his own poetry, the most recent of which is Decoys. Robertson has reviewed books for the Saskatoon StarPhoenix for about 35 years.

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Shannon Boklaschuk
Christopher Putnam

Shannon Boklaschuk, Brooks DeCillia, Tom Eremondi, Brian Kachur, Ashleigh Mattern, Joanne Paulson, Christopher Putnam, William Robertson

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