Prerequisites for Chem 112

Prerequisites and co-requisites have been established by the college after thorough examination of courses and programs. Therefore, a prerequisite will normally be waived only if an equivalent alternative learning experience can be identified.

  1. The CHEMISTRY prerequisite for CHEM 112 can be either:
    1. Chemistry 30 (or equivalent)

      Chemistry 30 is a provincial secondary science course offered in most Saskatchewan High School curriculums. For information about taking CHEM 30 by night classes or cyber-school, please see the following sites:
    2. CHEM 90

      Chemistry 90 is a preparatory access course to CHEM 112 for students who were unable to access, or need to review, 30-level chemistry and physical science curricula. Content focuses on core concepts, terminology, problem solving strategies, and laboratory skills foundational to success in post-secondary chemistry courses and related degree paths.

      Chemistry 90 fulfills prerequisite requirements for CHEM 112, though CHEM 90 is not directly equivalent to Chemistry 30. CHEM 90 is a not-for-credit course (0 c.u.) and does not contribute to the course requirements for a university degree. Note: CHEM 90 is offered through the Indigenous Student Achievement Pathways; please see the following link for more information:
    3. CHEM 100

      This course is primarily intended for students who have not completed Chemistry 30, or completed Chemistry 30 with an average of less than 70%, or completed Chemistry 30 more than 3 years ago. This course will prepare students for CHEM 112. CHEM 100 is a for-credit course (3 c.u.).

      Those who have completed Chemistry 30 (or equivalent) within the last three years, with a grade of 70% or higher, may not take this course for credit.

      CHEM 100 Course Information

  2. The MATH prerequisite for CHEM 112 can be either:
    1. Mathematics B30 (or equivalent)
    2. Foundations of Mathematics 30 (or equivalent)
    3. Pre-Calculus 30 (or equivalent)