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Eric Price

Chemistry Weekly Seminar - Eric Price, University of Saskatchewan

Eric Price, Canada Research Chair in Radiochemistry and Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry, University of Saskatchewan will present a seminar at 1:30 pm in Thorvaldson 159.



OPUS Startup Incubator Overview, and Zwitterionic Amino Acids: Chemical Tools for Crafting Peptides with Biological Non-Stick Properties


The first part of this talk will discuss experiences from the USask 2023 OPUS program. About OPUS: Designed as a pre-accelerator, OPUS provides aspiring entrepreneurs from USask with the tools needed to build successful ventures on campus. The second part will discuss a research project within the Price Research Group, focused on the synthesis and study of next-generation peptide-based radiopharmaceuticals for nuclear imaging and radionuclide therapy. Many new radiopharmaceuticals rely on radioactive metals (radiometals) attached to disease-targeting vectors such as antibodies, peptides, or nanoparticles. The primary objective for most radiopharmaceuticals is to achieve selective uptake and accumulation of radioactive elements in the body (e.g., tumors), with minimal absorption in healthy tissues and excretory organs. This facilitates safe nuclear imaging and/or radionuclide therapy. This presentation will delve into the synthesis and evaluation of new, unnatural amino acids featuring "permanent" zwitterions as a form of biological non-stick for peptides. A significant challenge with peptide-based agents is their high uptake and retention in the kidneys and other healthy tissues. The effectiveness of zwitterionic amino acids in providing a non-stick effect when incorporated into cancer-targeting peptides using solid-phase peptide synthesis will be explored.

Date:    Friday, April 5

Time:    1:30 pm

Place:    Thorvaldson 159