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Arthur Situm

Chemistry Weekly Seminar - Arthur Situm, University of Regina

Arthur Situm, Canada Research Chair in SMR Safety and Licensing and Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Regina will present a seminar at 1:30 pm in Thorvaldson 159.



Small Modular Reactor (SMR) Nuclear Materials Corrosion Research at the University of Regina


Canada is considering a variety of small modular reactor (SMR) designs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, safety, licensing and operating challenges exist associated with these SMR designs, often in relation to corrosion issues that result from the nuclear fuel. Strategies to resist or mitigate corrosion are required, particularly when using novel molten salt fuels, as well as under accident conditions such as a high temperature steam environment that can develop when reactor coolant is lost. Furthermore, the disposal of used nuclear fuels has its own set of corrosion challenges, and these must be studied before new SMRs can be licensed. In this talk, Professor Arthur Situm will outline the scope of his research program being set up at the University of Regina, as well as some of the broader activities to develop nuclear education in Saskatchewan.

Date:    Friday, March 22

Time:    1:30 pm

Place:    Thorvaldson 159

All are welcome.