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Rob Millar

Chemistry Weekly Seminar - Rob Millar, Saskatchewan Research Council

Rob Millar, Saskatchewan Research Council will present a seminar at 1:30 pm in Thorvaldson 159.



Growth of the Chemistry Profession in Saskatchewan and the Benefits of Professional Designation to Chemists


Everyday we benefit from the roles many different professions play in our daily lives from teachers educating our children to engineers and geoscientists who ensure that our bridges and roads will withstand the anticipated traffic or human resources professionals ensuring that everyone who is eligible for a new job position gets a fair and equal chance.   Examples of the way designated professionals impact our life are endless but it can be summed up as for the community that professionals serve they have the best interest of the public to protect from incompetent and unethical practices.  The ability of a profession to become a self-regulating professional body requires members to meet certain criteria including education, competency, and ethical requirements.    Many provinces have passed legislation designating Chemistry as a self regulated profession with the ability of right to title, these provinces include Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec.  For other provinces in Canada who have not had legislation passed at this time, chemists have worked together to create their own association of professional chemists which includes Saskatchewan.  The Association of Chemistry Profession of Saskatchewan (ACPS) was started in the last decade with the focus of designating chemistry as a profession in the province of Saskatchewan.  Our provincial association works together with all other provinces as a member of the Federation of Canada’s Professional Chemists (FCPC) to promote the chemistry profession and advocate for adoption of professional designation for all chemists across Canada.

This presentation is going to discuss the benefits of professional designation and the right to title for chemists as well as the benefit that professional designation provides for universities in Canada.  We will also discuss the current status of professional chemistry in Canada and Saskatchewan along with what the board of directors at the ACPS have planned for the upcoming year.  Not only are we engaging with the Government of Saskatchewan to move this legislation forward, but we are actively growing our membership as a community of chemists through planned presentations and social events.  There will be opportunities for members of the Chemical Professional community to assist with developing our website to provide input for the future of the organization.  Lastly, we will discuss what are the next steps that need to be taken to move this forward as legislation in Saskatchewan. 

Date:    Friday, February 16

Time:    1:30 pm

Place:    Thorvaldson 159

All are welcome.