Arts and Science certificate programs

Take the next step in your education and stand out from the crowd!

The College of Arts and Science offers certificate options in a variety of subject areas that can be added to your degree program or taken on a stand-alone basis. College of Arts and Science certificates are accredited academic credentials, and the certificate programs are open to new students and to current students enrolled in any University of Saskatchewan college or school.

Whether you’re interested in biological research, computing, jazz, Indigenous storytelling or another fascinating topic, you will find something that’s right for you.

Why pursue an Arts and Science certificate?

Certificates offer a way for students to mix and match interests and demonstrate unique combinations of expertise. You can create your own educational journey, gaining the skills employers are looking for and  attaining multiple credentials that will set you apart.

Arts and Science certificates can be completed before, during or after a degree, and the courses required can be used toward degree requirements, often as electives. If you plan well, you could graduate with a degree and a certificate without taking any extra classes in your three or four years in the College of Arts and Science!

Your pathway to a certificate starts here

If you have taken one of these classes, you're on your way to earning a certificate!

Certificate Course(s)
Biological Research BIOL 120.3 or BIOL 121.3
Catholic Studies RLST 112.3
Classical and Medieval Latin LATN 112.3
Computing CMPT 141.3
Criminology and Addictions INDG 107.3; SOC 111.3; SOC 112.3
Ethics, Justice and Law PHIL 133.3 or PHIL 233.3
Global Studies IS 110.3
Indigenous Governance and Politics INDG 107.3
Jazz MUS 175.3; MUS 184.3
Jewish and Christian Origins RLST 112.3
Medical Language CLAS 103.3; LATN 112.3
Politics and Law POLS 111.3; POLS 112.3
Study of Indigenous Storytelling INDG 107.3; any 100-level ENG course
Urban Design INTS 111.3
Water Science GEOG 120.3
wȋcêhtowin Theatre DRAM 110.3; DRAM 111.3; DRAM 118.3

Current USask students can register for certificate classes through PAWS.