ISAP STEM Pathways

The College of Arts and Science prepares students for exciting research and career opportunities in the sciences, including over 35 specialized undergraduate degree and certificate programs. Arts and Science also welcomes students preparing to apply to study in professional programs across the University of Saskatchewan

ISAP’s goal is to open doors of opportunity with programming designed to support Indigenous students at all levels of study!

First Year Indigenous Students

ISAP’s First Year Medicine Wheel Learning Community offers priority registration to Indigenous undergraduates in popular 100-level STEM courses including Biology 120 and 121, Chemistry 112, Nutrition 120, Geology 121, Math 102 and 110, and Computer Science 140 and 141.

Social Science and Humanities electives recommended for STEM degree programs are also available in Term 1 and Term 2, including Indigenous Studies 107 and a small cohort section of Interdisciplinary Studies 102; Essential Skills for Studying Science

Students interested in applying to the College of Engineering or College of Nursing in their second year of studies should indicate this when signing up for ISAP classes; our advisors sill make recommendations based on professional college admission expectations.

Note: If you are missing high school prerequisites, or need to brush up your math and science skillset because you graduated Grade 12 three or more years ago, consider registering in one or more STEM Accelerator course in your first term of studies. These can be taken alongside 100-level courses, or independently as a preparatory term.

ISAP’s STEM Accelerator

Start strong with a preparatory term and set yourself up for a successful transition to first-year STEM courses in Term 2. ISAP’s STEM Prep courses include Biology 90, Chemistry 90 and Physics 90, each of which can stand in place of a 30-level prerequisite required for courses in all USask colleges. These courses are prioritized for Indigenous students interested in STEM degree programs.

Students outside of ISAP that wish to enroll in the 90-level preparatory STEM courses should contact to discuss seat availability.

Students who complete Physics 90, Chemistry 90 and Biology 90 can earn a  STEM Accelerator Certificate 

With the support of STEM Accelerator sponsor, SaskPower, we are pleased to announce a Fee Remission Bursary available to Indigenous students registered in STEM Accelerator courses. Issued mid-term, each student will receive $250 applied toward current and future class fees.

Developmental Mathematics and Digital Literacy

ISAP offers digital literacy support to students navigating online course and homework platforms, with a goal of skills-mastery and student confidence building.

Our developmental mathematics program offers priority registration in Math 101 and Math 102, courses designed to build quantitative reasoning and pre-calculus skills (respectively) for students whose high school math education did not prepare them for studying in their university program of choice.

Many students also encounter challenges with applied mathematics within 100-level science courses. ISAP small cohort tutorials, facilitated by our Developmental Mathematics Proctor and the

  • University Library Math and Stats Help Centre*, offer practical co-curricular mathematics coaching to students in Physics 90, Chemistry 90, Chemistry 112 and Nutrition 120.

We are here to help you navigate math requirements with strategies that put your potential first, helping you achieve the skills you need for diverse areas of study. Thank you to Orano for their support of ISAP developmental mathematics and digital literacy initiatives.

STEM+ Coaching and Mentored Summer Career Experiences

Academic coaching and goal-setting sessions offered by our ISAP STEM+ coach are available to Indigenous Arts and Science students at all levels of study through the support of the International Minerals Innovation Institute (iMii),

Connect with our team to build your career awareness and learn how to position your personal perspectives and strengths as assets for academic and career success in the STEM fields. Stay connected to community priorities, and build your peer and professional network by attending STEM+ events and field trips. Explore careers before you graduate while earning funds to support your studies by taking part in industry-hosted Mentored STEM+ Career Experiences, available May to August each year.

To learn more about how STEM+ initiatives can enhance your undergraduate student experience, contact with the subject line “STEM+ Opportunities”


ISAP STEM+ programming is offered through the College of Arts and Science with the support of our sponsors