STEM Pathways

Are you missing high school prerequisites to study in a science, engineering, agriculture or health science degree program? Or do you need to brush up your math and science skillset because you graduated Grade 12 three or more years ago?

ISAP’s STEM Prep Learning Community (LC) is the start of your STEM pathway. Start strong with a preparatory term and set yourself up for a successful transition to first-year STEM courses in Term 2!

ISAP’s STEM Prep courses include Biology 90, Chemistry 90 and Physics 90, each of which can stand in place of a 30-level prerequisite required for courses in all USask colleges. These courses are prioritized for Indigenous students interested in STEM degree programs.

Students outside of ISAP that wish to enroll in the 90-level preparatory STEM courses must fill out  this form .

Students who complete Physics 90, Chemistry 90 and Biology 90 can earn a  STEM Accelerator Certificate . Meet with an academic advisor for more information. 

Note: After submitting your registration request through our online form, you will receive a confirmation email, followed by notice of registration during the USask first year registration window in June. At that time, you will be able to access your official timetable through PAWS and register for additional courses outside of ISAP offerings if you choose.

2022/23 Schedule TBD

STEM+ initiative

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ISAP STEM+ programming is offered through the College of Arts and Science with the support of our sponsors