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Service dogs play vital roles for veterans, but Canada’s lack of standards makes travel and access difficult

The Conversation
Drs. Colleen Dell (PhD) and Linzi Williamson (PhD) examine the need for service dog standards in Canada

Striving for transparency: Why Canada’s pesticide regulations need an overhaul

The Conversation
Department of Biology professor Dr. Christy Morrissey (PhD) is among researchers calling for more transparent and scientifically robust pesticide regulation in Canada

This solar cycle, the sun’s activity is more powerful and surprising than predicted

The aurora is both a scientific wonder and a risk factor to industry, writes USask postdoctoral fellow Dr. Daniel Billett (PhD)

Manitoba’s reasons for refusing to search for Indigenous women’s remains in landfill are a smokescreen

The Conversation
Obstacles to a search have more to do with political will than technical concerns, writes Department of Political Studies faculty member Dr. Kathy Walker (PhD)

How colonial racism fuels Saskatchewan’s criminalization of Indigenous men

The Conversation
Indigenous people shouldn’t have to fear police who are supposed to protect them, write Indigenous studies faculty members Dr. Kathy Walker (PhD) and Randy Morin

Convicted murderer Colin Thatcher’s invitation to the Saskatchewan legislature diminishes us all

The Conversation
Recent events at the legislature show that we live in a society that normalizes violence against women, writes Dr. Kathy Walker (PhD) of the Department of Political Studies

Statement on the tragedy at James Smith Cree Nation and Weldon

A message from Dr. Priscilla Settee (PhD), vice-dean Indigenous in the College of Arts and Science

The simple reason a viral math equation stumped the internet

The Conversation
Mathematicians and mathematics educators have been weighing in on a particular debate rooted in school mathematics that shows no signs of abating

‘Water’ we doing to our water?

Governments at all levels need to work together to manage and protect our freshwater resources, writes Raylene Hartl, a master’s student studying biology at USask

Alumni reflect on USask education as Women’s and Gender Studies Program celebrates 30 years

An anniversary brunch and panel discussion will be held on May 14 at Marquis Hall

Opinion: Time running out to secure Saskatchewan's water prosperity

Saskatoon StarPhoenix
Saskatchewan’s prosperity rides on our ability to manage our water, write Dr. John Pomeroy (PhD) and Dr. Baljit Singh (PhD)

Russia-Ukraine war could have significant implications for international order: U of S lecturer

650 CKOM
The situation in Ukraine is “absolutely tragic," said Dr. Martin Gaal (PhD), a lecturer in the Department of Political Studies and coordinator for the global studies certificate at the University of Saskatchewan