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Different number of bidders in sequential auctions

A talk by Dr. Hikmet Gunay (PhD), University of Manitoba

Book Launch: Listening to the Fur Trade

A new book by Dr. Daniel R. Laxer (PhD) reveals histories of sound and music in an era before sound recording

USask history student wins Fulbright research award

The $25,000 US award will help Mckelvey Kelly study the history of the Wyandot Nation of Kansas

Comfort dogs are greeting Uvalde students for their return to school. Here's how canine visitors can help after tragedy

The widespread deployment of comfort animals remains fairly new, says USask researcher Dr. Colleen Dell (PhD)

USask graduate hopes to improve treatment plans for speech difficulties

Recent College of Arts and Science graduate Rosalie Hangs aims to help optimize treatment plans for those with aphasia, a disorder that is shown with difficulty expressing words and sounds properly often occurs after damage to the brain, such as from a stroke or head injury

The simple reason a viral math equation stumped the internet

The Conversation
Mathematicians and mathematics educators have been weighing in on a particular debate rooted in school mathematics that shows no signs of abating

Regrowing nerves, understanding severe period pain are focus of new USask research

A research project led by clinical psychologist Dr. Michelle Gagnon (PhD) will follow a group of youth from before menstruation begins to three years after

USask researcher to examine mindfulness as treatment for teens’ menstrual pain

Clinical psychology PhD student Kayla Wall says up to 90 per cent of adolescents who menstruate experience pain, and as many as 25 per cent do not benefit from medication

Why people lash out at service workers

Underlying stress has a tendency to boil over during mundane tasks, says Dr. Melanie Morrison (PhD) of the Department of Psychology and Health Studies

City-USask projects target Métis history, clean runoff, green rental housing

Dr. Cheryl Troupe (PhD), assistant professor in the Department of History, leads one of three new projects in collaboration with the City of Saskatoon

Studying rheumatoid arthritis in modern-day patients may shed new light on disease’s past

Taylor Eagle, a USask graduate student, is examining tibial plateaus with the goal of better identifying rheumatoid arthritis in archaeological populations

Studying modern-day dog bones may deepen knowledge of ancient dog-sledding activities

Jessica Sick, a USask archaeology graduate student, is examining entheseal changes on skeletal remains of Canis familiaris