Goal 1: Create, maintain, and grow reciprocal relationships with external communities

This goal addresses the University Plan’s principle of Āniskōmohcikēwin | Naashkoopitamihk, (connectivity) meaning strong and meaningful engagements with our province and beyond.

This is directly linked to the University Plan’s commitments of Courageous Curiosity - Seek Solutions; Boundless Collaboration – Embolden Partnerships; Inspired Communities- Amplify Value and Embrace Manacihitowin.

This goal informs the college’s alignment to the university plan in “lifelong learning.”

  1. College will make connection to employers of our graduates
  2. Ensure proper recognition and respect for current outreach agreements
  3. Increase knowledge about and access to Cultural Service Providers
  4. Make campus an accessible place where public can confidently visit
  5. Reflect diversity
  1. Participation of college leaders in University’s provincial tours
  2. Funding for events and visits
  3. Staff time to create one-pagers on careers for each department
  1. Number of MOUs with communities
  2. Establish baseline data about employment of college graduates
  3. Data on number of targeted on- and off-campus events to increase depth of stakeholder engagement

Goal 2: Build College profile and reputation

  • This goal addresses the University Plan’s principle of Nihtāwihcikēwin | Nihtaooshchikaywin, (creativity), as our efforts can bring to fruition the possibilities we envision for learning and discovery.
  • This goal is directly connected to the University’s commitment Inspired Communities with its goal of Celebrate Stories.
  • Our research, graduates, academic programming, and reputation are recognized as world-class and demonstrate the value and return on investment of an arts and science education.
  • Communities see the work and positive impacts of the college embedded throughout society.


  1. Build personal and relevant connections, and tell our stories. Create and follow through on coordinated communications strategies and channels to support college priorities, celebrate successes, and translate and transmit knowledge to the public
  2. Create digital engagement plan with a distributed content strategy that aligns with University’s strategic plan for social media and increases engagement and affiliation for College’s internal and external audiences
  3. Invite the community to participate - personal connection through events on campus and in the community (open houses to showcase what we do; tour labs and research centers; fun lectures; family oriented events; showcase photos of events; bring university to community recruitment fairs; share positive testimonials widely
  4. Create relationships with students before convocation (targeted groups such as past student union presidents)
  • multimedia photo video and advertising budget
  • resources for College pinning ceremony
  • resources for surveys (student union; alumni)
  • funding for A&S Magazine
  1. Rankings, surveys, and other measures of visibility, status, impact
  2. USask Public Perceptions Reports
  3. Digital analytics tools
  4. Media coverage - More positive stories in various media about student research alumni donors faculty and staff and research funding and grants

Goal 3: Strengthen alumni and donor relations and outreach

This goal is directly connected to the University’s commitment Inspired Communities with its goal of Energize Champions.

The objective is to make our stakeholders realize and feel like they are integral to the life and future of the College.

  1. Understand who our engaged alumni and donors are and what is meaningful engagement for them
  2. Steward our relationships with alumni and donors, including College’s Alumni of Influence
  3. Encourage current students to think of themselves as “future alumni in residence”
  4. Ensure sustainable and effective fund administration
  5. Create conversations and opportunities where alumni are and giving them reasons to come to us to talk to students about what it means to be an alum; show them their impacts on students; create events based on alumni interest and find ways to engage alumni relations at the department level - every department should be doing something and know who are their alumni are
  • Online functions need to be donor-centric
  • Past alumni engagement survey instrument and data
  • Resources to conduct surveys and events
  • Funds and human resources to create advancement toolkits for departments
  • Accurate and current alumni data
  • Baseline of donor stewardship activity
  • Number of alumni participating in meaningful experiences and events, in communications, as volunteers, and donating to the college and university
  • Donor engagement and satisfaction

Goal 4: Diversify and strengthen development relationships and success

This goal is directly connected to each of the University’s Aspirations for 2025 and the University’s commitment Inspired Communities with its goal of Energize Champions.

The objective is to embed the spirit of philanthropy in the culture of the College, and to create core fundraising priorities. Development is above all about relationships.

  1. Ensure an effective group of influencers and fundraisers
  2. Engage prospective donors though meetings, cultivation events and visits
  3. Test new fundraising models
  4. Research of prospects, including foundations and lapsed donors
  5. Increase communications about what strategic initiatives we do with alumni and donors
  6. Build relationships with people who are already donating not just with dollars but with time, ideas, energy
  7. Increase donor reports to communicate how the money is being spent and how financial support makes the college possible and contribute to the cost of an arts and science degree -get students involved to share donation stories
  8. Create core fundraising priorities with departments
  • Human resources for comprehensive campaign
  • Resources to develop a fund advisory committee
  • Funds for thank you events
  • staff position in development communications
  • “Not just dollars”: a number of donors get a specific project and raise the funds needed to accomplish it
  • Meet and exceed College fundraising targets
  • Meet goal for prospect solicitation