Do you Kahoot?

If you use the game-based learning platform Kahoot in your school or home, check out some of these fun science-themed ones we used this year in the Science Ambassador Program!

Grades 4-6

Grades 6-8

K-9 Science Videos and Activities

Our mission is to promote the richness and diversity of the sciences, nurture curiosity and innovation, and inspire students to consider a career in science, and support teachers to provide exciting educational experiences. Here we have compiled a collection of video and activity resources for teachers and parents to supplement and enhance K-9 science learning.

Home Science Lab Kit Videos

After our Kamskénow program came to an abrupt end this term, we created Home Science Lab kits for Community School students and teachers. Some of our instructors also created instructional videos for those activities, and although some supplies may be harder to find, many of the activities can be done with items from around the house.