Kevin Ansdell

New Challenges in Targeting Hidden Ore Deposits

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Dr. Kevin Ansdell's research interests include unraveling the origin and evolution of mineral deposits, particularly in the Precambrian rocks of the Canadian Shield. He has a particular interest in Northern Saskatchewan geology and the extension of these rocks northward into Arctic Canada, and especially the relationship with uranium and rare earth element deposits.

A new project involving Dr. Ansdell, the "Footprints Project," is a massive undertaking involving universities across the country as well as numerous mineral exploration and mining companies. The discovery of new mineral deposits has been recognized as becoming more difficult. This project seeks to use collaboration between numerous agencies and research fields "to develop new and innovative approaches to more effectively target hidden ore deposits through multi-parameter, integrated exploration."

It is the first project of this magnitude in the mineral exploration field in Canada. "Footprints Project" has received $1 million/year for five years from NSERC as well as over $7.5 million in funding and support from the mineral industry. It strives to bring together different stakeholders: researchers, mineral exploration companies, and government agencies to make mineral exploration techniques and practices in Canada more successful.

Until recently there has been a lack of integration of geologists, geochemists and geophysicists in research projects. This project requires researchers from a variety of fields to collaborate, which will create a network of experts in various geosciences disciplines  from across the country.

Three field sites are part of the project: a copper deposit site in British Columbia, a gold deposit site in western Quebec and a uranium deposit site in northern Saskatchewan. Dr. Ansdell is the Uranium Site Leader.