John Tse

Experimental Techniques to Design New Materials

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Dr. J.S. Tse is a Tier I Canada Research Chair of Materials Science and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.  His research with the Department of Physics concentrates on the understanding of the fundamental principles on structure-property relationships for the design of new materials with novel functionalities. 

Tse’s research utilizes advanced experimental synchrotron and neutron techniques for materials characterization complemented with high performance computing and theoretical modeling.  His projects cover a broad spectrum including the development of new synchrotron techniques nano-materials, matter under extreme pressure, disordered solids and energy materials. 

Recent projects of Tse’s include the construction of a new extreme energy beamline at the Brockhouse sector of the Canadian Light Source (CLS); study of the properties of metallic and inorganic glasses; investigation of ion transport mechanisms in the electrodes and electrolyte of Li battery; improvement of next generation of high efficiency and environmentally benign materials for energy conversion.

Tse has established an extensive network with researchers from across Canada, Ireland, Germany, Japan and China.  These collaborations have been very successful in fostering collaborative research with frequent exchange of personnel and have yielded important results. Notable achievements include the prediction and verification of superconducting main group hydrides at high pressure; the discovery of a new class of single molecule magnets and electrical conductors derived from non-metallic elements; proposed a new model for the design of high performance thermoelectric materials and the development of computational methods for the prediction of crystal structures.

An accomplished author, Tse has published over 450 articles, mostly in high profile scientific journals.  Results of his research will benefit the creative use and fabrication of conventional and new materials for energy applications locally and globally.