Bonita Beatty

Community Engagement in Northern Communities

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Dr. Bonita Beatty, with the Department of Indigenous Studies, focuses her research on governance, public policy, health and capacity building among Aboriginal populations in northern Saskatchewan.

From Deschambault Lake and a member of the Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation, Dr. Beatty is a member and Co-Director of the International Centre for Northern Governance and Development at the University of Saskatchewan. She is the graduate chair for the Centre’s Master of Northern Governance and Development program. The project-based program has a Project internship component that allows students to research academically while immersed in northern community, under the supervision of both academics such as Dr. Beatty and community members. The program emphasizes northern and Aboriginal collaboration working with northern communities on projects they find meaningful.

With changing demographics and the accelerating interest in the North from developers, governments and industry due to an abundance of natural resources, Dr. Beatty believes it is important for northern communities to create a sustainable economy and safe environment for future generations. Working towards practical outcomes that help people develop themselves, their families and communities, Dr. Beatty explores community-based engagement in northern Saskatchewan. Whether through economic development and entrepreneurship or health and social development programming, capacity-building is essential to the relationships between academia, research and the community.