Clinical listserve

E-mail listserv for students and faculty in the
Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology


Graduate students, alumni, and faculty (including adjunct professors, professional affiliates, and associate members) in the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology at the University of Saskatchewan are invited to subscribe to this mailing list.  Only subscribed persons can post to the list so there is little or no spam.



Send a message to saying "subscribe clinpsy-usask-l" (and giving your name if it's not obvious in the header.  You will receive a welcome message that explains how the listserv works and how to post messages or unsubscribe. 


Send an e-mail to asking to be unsubscribed.


  • Send your message to 
  • You can send messages to the listserv only from the e-mail address under which you are subscribed to the listserv. 
  • If you change e-mail addresses, you'll have to resubscribe.  For example, if you are subscribed as <> and you try to post from <>, your message will not be delivered.  Set your "FROM:" address in your e-mail program to be the same as the address under which you are subscribed, or else change your subscription.


  • Messages can be either plain text (ASCII) or formatted (HTML) but plain text is preferred.
  • Please avoid using attachments.  If you have a lot of information to distribute, just provide the source (person to contact or web address).
  • Please keep messages concise, polite, and relevant to training in clinical psychology.
  • No confidential information should be posted.


There is a searchable archive of messages to this list starting 03-Sep-1999. This serves as a permanent public record of announcements, discussions, and notes from meetings.   The archive is viewable by people using a computer whose name ends "" (i.e., computers on campus, or connected to the USask network via USask dial-up lines).  If you are using an off-campus computer, you must log in using your Network Services ID. 


Only people who have subscribed are able to post to the list, so little junk e-mail is expected on this list.  The list of addresses is accessible only to the list manager and the Director of Clinical Psychology Training.  The archive can be viewed only by U Sask users as explained above.