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About Ensembles

The University of Saskatchewan Department of Music is proud to have world-class ensembles rehearsing and performing right here on the U of S campus! Ensembles are open to all U of S students, music majors and non-music majors alike. Some groups require an audition, while others are open to students of all skill level.

Worried about auditioning? Don’t stress – our directors and conductors are friendly and fully support you during the audition process. Come on down to the Education building and make some music!

Students participating in ensembles must register for either a 1 c.u. option (percentage grade, with tuition) or a 0 c.u. option (pass/fail, tuition exempt). B.Mus. students must follow their program of study and register for the minimum number of 1 c.u. ensembles (and types of ensembles) that are required for their degree. Non-B.Mus. students and B.Mus. students who have fulfilled their ensemble requirements may choose to register for either the 0 c.u. or the 1 c.u. option. If a student completes three 1 c.u. ensembles over and above his or her ensemble requirements, the credits earned can fulfill an open arts elective.