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USask Department of Music Ensemble, Applied Lesson and Classroom Instruction Considerations.

These are unusual times as we collectively move through the CoVid-19 global pandemic as a community. Like most other in-person activities at the USask the overall operation of our department will likely be impacted to some degree by CoVid-19 this coming fall in an effort to keep everyone safe. That said the Department of Music is working hard to create the very best experiential learning opportunities possible for our students, in all of our ensembles, applied lesson studios, and, in all our lecture & seminar courses. In fact we are excited about some innovative teaching and learning possibilities that we are exploring. These new ideas may in fact augment some of the experiential learning opportunities for our wonderful students.

The USask Department of Music Ensembles will be offering all our regular ensemble activities, applied lessons, and, lectures & seminar courses in the fall of 2020.

Our ensemble offerings include the UofS Wind Orchestra, Greystone Singers, Music Theatre, Concert Band, University Chorus, Jazz Ensemble, and Chamber Ensemble.

The health and safety of our students, sessionals, term appointments, staff, and faculty remain our top priority. As such all of our departmental course offerings will be held in remote learning modality this fall with 2 exceptions. These 2 exceptions include the following:

  1. *All B.Mus. & M.Mus. piano majors and percussion majors will be allowed to take their applied lessons on campus if they and their applied teacher chooses to meet in person.
  2. *All B.Mus. & M.Mus. piano majors and percussion majors will be allowed access to our campus on a regular basis to practice their instrument(s) in preparation for their applied lessons.

*All UofS health and safety protocols must be observed in order to gain access to the university. A Department of Music-specific Health and safety plan in currently being developed. This plan will be shared widely when it is ready. For now anyone and everyone who wishes to access the UofS must first complete the below short health and safety training course. All members of the UofS Department of Music should now take this short health and safety training course:

The Department of Music will continue to send a series of emails to update all members of our departmental community as we continue to progress towards the start of our fall 2020 semester.

All members of the Dept of Music (i.e. students, sessionals, term appointments, staff, and faculty) are encouraged to attend our fall Dept. of Music orientation meeting. This meeting will be held remotely on Friday September 4, 2020 @ 12:30 PM. An e-invitation to join this meeting will be emailed to all members of the department on September 2, 2020.

All 1st year B.Mus. & M.Mus. students are also required to attend a Dept. of Music new student orientation meeting. This meeting will be held remotely on Wednesday September 2, 2020 @ 12:30 PM. An e-invitation to join this meeting will be emailed to all members of the department on August 31, 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Will all Department of Music ensembles, applied lessons, and music lecture & seminar courses be offered in the fall of 2020

  2. Can I still participate in ensembles if I am a non-music major?


  3. Can I still get credit for participating in ensembles?


  4. Do I still need to audition for Wind Orchestra, Greystone Singers, Music Theatre and Jazz Ensemble?


  5. Will ensembles be offered remotely, in person, or through some sort of high bred modality?

    All our ensembles will be offered remotely. Please consult each ensemble director for more details.

  6. How do I get into these ensembles?

    Visit each ensemble www page for more information.

  7. What if the USask moves from remote learning to in person learning modality within the fall 2020 semester and (A) I don’t live in Saskatoon, and/or (B) I don’t want to make the transition to in person learning (e.g. complicated family health reasons)?

    It is very unlikely that this changeover will happen. For now, the plan is that all Dept. of Music instructional activities except for applied piano and percussion lessons will be offered remotely for the entire fall 2020 semester. In the very unlikely event that some things are moved from remote to in-person learning, all students in all music classes will be accommodated to the very best of our abilities.

  8. Will ensembles perform public concerts within the fall 2020 semester?

    No. However the department will be holding a series of online ‘This is Mus’ events that include but may not be limited to (1) FARLS, (2) Faculty and Friends Concerts, (3) Impromptu ensemble performances, (4) Music content derived from Dept of Music courses and/or self-generated music content from B.Mus. &/or M.Mus. majors.

  9. (B.Mus. & M.Mus. majors only) How will things like FARLS attendance, recital attendance, concert attendance, and, participating (performing) in concerts and recitals work if we are still in a remote learning modality?

    Great questions. We are still working on a logical and thoughtful answer to this question. We will have this figured out by September 1, 2020.

  10. Can I gain access to play the piano on campus to play the piano if I am not a B.Mus or M.Mus. piano major:

    No, not at this time.

  11. Can I meet on campus with my accompanist and/or repetiteur supervised or unsupervised?

    No, not at this time.

Please send further questions to Department Head Dean McNeill at

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New Degree Programs

The University of Saskatchewan Department of Music is pleased to announce a new graduate degree entitled Master of Music in Music Education and a new M.Mus. Performance degree in Conducting.

More details can be found here on the Graduate Students page.


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