Research Chairs

History of Medicine

Canada Research Chair

The Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in History of Medicine was created in 2008 to support the research activities of the chairholder, Erika Dyck of the Department of History, and faculty, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows engaged in the history of health and medicine. Our program has grown and has been home to nearly a dozen graduate students, and is part of a dynamic collection of faculty working in related areas of early modern science, gender and military medicine, to gender and sexuality in China, segregated hospitals in South Africa, and gender, sexuality, medicine and health in Canada.

Aboriginal and Community-engaged History

Research Chair

Keith Carlson holds a research chair in Aboriginal and Community-engaged History at the University of Saskatchewan that links faculty members, students, and community partners together to answer questions that are relevant to local communities. As part of this venture, the history department operates a collaboratorium that provides space and funding to dozens of students and community partners each year working on disparate projects.