Department of History


The Department of History at the University of Saskatchewan is one of the strongest history departments in Canada. We are recognized for our innovative methods and excellence in teaching. Our groundbreaking research has secured millions of dollars in research funding in national and international competitions.

Undergraduate Program

Our undergraduate program utilizes small seminars taught by experienced faculty to allow you to engage in original research projects from your first year onwards. We offer study abroad programs, experiential learning, and guided research opportunities to help prepare you for further study and the job market. 

We offer a wide range of classes on:
  • Modern Canada
  • Environmental Disasters
  • Madness and Disease
  • Ancient Cultures
  • Violence and Warfare
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Indigenous Resistance
  • Occultism
  • and much more

Graduate Program

Our graduate program is one of the best in Canada. Our department features a prestigious research chair in medical history research and Canada's leading Historical Geographic Information Systems Lab. We offer competitive funding packages to our Master’s and PhD students. Alumni from our program have a long track record of getting excellent jobs in teaching, research, and administration. We can facilitate a large range of research projects, but our graduate instruction specializes in the eight signature research areas of our faculty.

Signature Research Areas

  • Indigenous History
  • Environmental History
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • History and Politics of Memory
  • Colonial and Post-Colonial Histories
  • Prairies and the North American West
  • Health, Medicine Science and Occultism
  • Twentieth-Century Politics, Culture and Foreign Relations

Faculty Employment Opportunities

All faculty postings will be posted at the College of Arts and Science Careers Page.