The Co-Lab: Centre for Community-Engaged and Collaborative Historical Research


Who we are

The Department of History’s Co-Lab for Community Engaged Research is designed to facilitate research partnerships between the University of Saskatchewan and community partners in ways that communities themselves identify as meaningful and beneficial. Rather than merely bringing research and analysis to communities (outreach programs), the Co-Lab believes research projects should be co-designed and co-executed with communities.


What we do

The Co-Lab offers unique community engaged opportunities by hiring and training undergraduate students to work with community partners on projects. Most projects in the Co-Lab run during the summer months (May-August). Although, depending on community needs, vision, and funding, the scope and length of each individual project may vary.

All Co-Lab students receive training through a condensed for-credit-course in May. During their time in this course, students learn about community-engaged historical research practices including ethics, collaborative research protocols, oral history skills, and archival and digital history research techniques, among others.

Please see our previous projects for examples of past work done in the Co-Lab. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Current News

Call for Project Updates!

The Co-Lab opened under the name the Collaboratorium in 2016. Due to COVID-19, the Co-Lab had to close for a couple years. In 2021, the Co-Lab reopened, rebranded, and began working with community partners again. The Co-Lab is now looking to put together a full profile of previous projects from the years 2016 to 2019.

If you were once a student researcher or a community partner with the Collabratorium from 2016-2019, we would love to hear from you! If you were a student researcher, can you share more about your experience and about the project? If you were a community partner, can you provide an update on where your project is now? Let us know!

Check out of Past Projects and tell us if you have any details to add!