2016-17 Chemisty Student's Society (Undergraduate Students)

President: Melissa Shaw

VP Internal: Brandon Chivers

VP Financial: Shivani Tauh

VP External: Zachary Huschi

VP Academic: Jenny Panchuk

VP Social: Bryden Hughton

VP Admin: William Barrett

4th Year Representative: Anthony Ojukwu

3rd Year Representative: Lais Gomes

2nd Year Representative: Kathleen Coyne

1st Year Representatives: Mars Zhao and Michael Roy Durr

2016-17 Chemisty Course Council (Graduate Students)

President & GAC Meeting Representative: Steve Langdon

Treasurer: Rick Pettipas

Secretary & Union Meeting Representative: Tyler Morhart

Public Relations & Department Meeting Representative: Kaiyang Tu

GSA Representative: Naheda Sahtout

Safety Committee Meeting Representative: Arthur Situm

Members at Large:

Christa Blaquiere
Kyle Fransishyn
Kelly Summers


**Note that the opinions expressed in the documents below are strictly those of the faculty member who designed the presentation and not departmental policy by any means

Chemistry Course Council Constitution
Creating and Maintaining an Effective Scientific Curriculum Vitae (CV), and Strategies to Make it Better (Dr. Price)
How to Get the Most out of Attending a Scientific Conference (Dr. Palmer)