Poster Presentations

Day 1 – Monday April 11th, 2022

Abrams, Joseph                         

Translation of Non-invasive measurement of biomechanics to Agent-Based Models

McEvoy, Delanie                        

The Feedback Between Cell Shape and Microtubule Dynamics on Cell Division Over Time in Arabidopsis

Hartl, Raylene                            

The Effects of Climate Change and Eutrophication on the Survival  Behaviours of Freshwater Snails. 

Kardynal, Kevin                       

Consequences of living near water: Fatty acid and mercury exposure to boreal passerines

Ulrich, Jacob                      

The effect of anthropogenic change on the predation efficiency of predaceous diving beetle larvae (Dytiscus alaskensis)

Walters, Clay                              

Quantifying behavioural and Environmental Drivers of Reproductive Success and Survival in Mid-Continent White-Fronted Geese

Butler-Siemens, Scout              

Riparian and aquatic biodiversity consequences of grazing beef cattle access to freshwater ecosystems.

Griebel, Ilsa                             

Quantifying the influence of American black duck behavior and movements throughout the full annual cycle on subsequent productivity using state-of-the-art tracking devices

Racioppa, Marie                       

Profiling the Eastern Mallard

Caruso, Kayla                          

Prioritizing the protection of interior staging sites: historic changes in shorebird population trends in relation to climate and habitat characteristics

Putnala, Sravan                 

Mechanisms of reproductive and developmental toxicity of arsenic in zebrafish.

Howell, Christina                       

Evaluating influences of breeding vs non-breeding habitat on contaminant burdens in Horned Grebes nesting in Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories

Wotton, Carter                           

Effects of the ureide allantoin in response to salt stress in Arabidopsis thaliana 

Carlson, Lindsay                      

Ascribing the importance of Atlantic brant staging areas for holistic conservation planning

Fattahi, Neda                             

accumulation of allantoin in response to combined stresd in Arabidopsus thaliana'

Bent, Lynsey                      

Evaluating lead exposure in scavenging species linked to big-game hunting in Saskatchewan, Canada

Day 2 – Tuesday April 12th, 2022

De Silva, Wathmini

Investigation of shorebird foraging ecology in relation to water management regimes for sodium sulphate production on Chaplin Lake, Saskatchewan.

Ren, Shuqi

Neonicotinoids exposure and associated learning and aversion in granivorous songbirds 

Ho, Tom

Characterizing the roles of BPL proteins, binding partners of ACD11, under phosphorus nutrient stress.

Sabeti, Amir

Characterizing a novel neuronal-specific hif-1 transcript in C.elegans

Oral Presentations

Day 1 – Monday April 11th, 2022

Litt-Jukes, Jory

Migration in the spotlight: A comparative investigation of behavioural and energetic consequences of light pollution in nocturnal migrant and non-migratory songbirds

Sawatzky, Michelle

Density-dependence in habitat selection of plains bison at Grasslands National Park

Diaz Sanchez, Adrian

Does the centre-periphery hypothesis explain the distributional range limits of parasites?

Schindler, Alec

A full annual cycle approach to quantifying environmental drivers of migratory bird abundance

Olver, Dominic

Meta-analysis and experimental re-evaluation of the Boyle van ‘t Hoff relation with osmoregulation modelled by linear elastic principles and ion-osmolyte leakage

Mangwende, Edgar

Recruitment of glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored proteins at the papilla for penetration resistance against non-adapted powdery mildew fungus.

Nykonenko, Anastasiia

Causes and Consequences of Social Cohesion in Sable Island Horses:​ From the Individual to the Population Level​

Day 2 – Tuesday April 12th, 2022

Najafi, Atefeh

Optimization of ovarian tissue vitrification

Vanderwel, Michelle

Do Some Like it Hot? Effects of Temperature and Predation Risk on Behavioural Syndromes in Crayfish

Rachmalla, Mahesh

Cognitive impairment in adult zebrafish during chronic dietary exposure to arsenic

Le Brun Robles Gil, Lia

Effects of personality variation on the reproductive behaviours of male North American red squirrels (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus)

Previous Years Symposium Awards


  • Best Poster Presentation:  Jessica Thoroughgood (Chilton's Lab)
  • Best Oral Presentation, Field-based Research:  Stephen Srayko (Chiver's Lab) 
  • Best Oral Presentation, Lab-based Research:  Rachel Parkinson (Gray's Lab)


  • Best Poster Presentation:  Kyla Bass (Clark Group) 
  • Best Oral Presentation, Field-based Research:  Stephen Srayko (Chiver's Lab) 
  • Best Oral Presentation, Lab-based Research:  Yen Le  (Ambrose Lab)


  • Best Oral Presentation, Lab-based Research:  Jessica Popp (Ferrari Lab)
    • Runner up: Maryam Nourimand (Todd Lab)
  • Best Oral Presentation, Field-based Research:  Amelia Raquel (Clark Lab)
    • Runner up: Rachel Parkinson (Alisauskas)
  • Best Poster Presentation, Lab-based Research:  Stephen Srayko (Chivers Lab)
    • Runner up: Rachel Parkinson (Gray Lab)
  • Best Poster Presentation, Field-based Research:  Clara Superbie (McLoughlin Lab)
    • Runner up: Oghenemise Abirhire (Hudson Lab)


  • Best Oral Presentation, Lab-based Research: Cody Manchester (Gray Lab)
  • Best Oral Presentation, Field-based Research: Melanie Jean (Johnstone Lab)
  • Best Poster Presentation: Daniel Andres (McLoughlin Lab)


  • Best Oral Presentation, Lab-based Research: Irani Solmaz (Todd Lab)
  • Best Oral Presentation, Field-based Research: Adam Crane (Ferrari Lab)
  • Best Poster Presentation: Maryam Nourimand (Todd Lab)