Scholarships may be awarded based on academic achievement, leadership qualities, community involvement, or by the submission of a project or paper. See each listing for details.

Award value: two annual awards of $2,000 each

This scholarship was established to recognize and reward undergraduate and graduate international students studying economics or business economics who are in the final years of their degree programs.

  • Open to full-time continuing undergraduate students majoring in economics or business economics who are entering their third or fourth academic year, having completed at least one year at the University of Saskatchewan.
  • Open to continuing international graduate students who have completed their course work

No application is required.

Undergraduate award listing: Boving Family Scholarship

Award Value: $500

This award is established in memory of Dr. Peter Dooley, a longstanding member of the faculty of the Department of Economics in the College of Arts and Science. The purpose of the award is to recognize academic achievement of undergraduate students who have completed both introductory course in Economics in their first year in the College of Arts and Science.

No application is required.

Award listing: Peter Dooley Memorial Award

Award value: varies

Established 1978, this award is intended to recognizes the undergraduate student writing the best essay in economics as part of the requirements for an undergraduate Economics course in the College of Arts & Science. The purpose of this award is to encourage, recognize and reward good writing. Essays will be judged on the bases of main idea, organization, development.

No application is required.

Awards listing: Fowke Award

Award value: $1,000

Established to recognize the academic achievement of women who are pursuing an undergraduate degree in the Department of Economics, College of Arts & Science.

  • Open to undergraduate women who are majoring in the Department of Economics. To be elligible students must have completed a minimum of 24 credit units up to a maximum of 60 credit units and have a minimum GPA of 70% (in their major and overall).
  • The award is based on academic merit and will be awarded based on the GPA of eligible students in their major (Economics and Business Economics).
No application is required.

Award listing: Mabel F. Timlin Award for Women in Economics

Award value: $1,000

Awarded to a student entering the third or fourth year of a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Economics. Awarded on recommendations from members of the Department.

Award listing: J.D. Ellory Popoff Scholarship

Convocation Awards

Recipients of the Lewis C. Gray Prize and the Mabel F. Timlin Prize in Business Economics are recognized at the Spring Convocation ceremony.

2021 Arts & Science Graduation Awards

Award value: $500

Established to honour Professor Lewis C. Gray, who was appointed in 1913 as Research Professor of Economics. The prize is funded from the estate of the late Professor Mabel Timlin, a distinguished economics professor in the former Department of Economics and Political Science.

Awarded annually to an outstanding student in Economics in their graduating year.

  • 2018: Rebecca Hotsko
  • 2017: Ryan Lochart
  • 2016: Krista Seibel
  • 2015: Jia Qi Xiao
  • 2014: Zhouji Zheng
  • 2013: Benjamin Enns
  • 2012: Benjamin Milner
  • 2011: Shawn Erker
  • 2010: Rahatjan Judge
  • 2009: Matthew Calver
  • 2008: Kaili Zhang
  • 2007: Tina Yang
  • 2006: Deirdre Morris
  • 2005: Kit Ling Lam
  • 2004: Evgueni Panasiouk
  • 2003: Roderick Eckdahl
  • 2002: Matthew Emde
  • 2001: Courtney Ward 
  • 2000: Jennifer Anderson, Colette Kaminsky
  • 1999: Uma Verma
  • 1998: Ira Altman
  • 1997: Sandra Hadersbeck
  • 1996: Brian Filek
  • 1995: Danny Leung
  • 1994: Andrea M. Duncan
  • 1993: Andrew Eckert
  • 1992: Cameron Kerr
  • 1991: Timothy Davis/Darren Filson
  • 1990: Gillian Currie
  • 1989: Patrick Leung/ Peter Weckworth
  • 1988: Henry Thille
  • 1987: Paul Kishchuk
  • 1986: Andrea Jevcak
  • 1984: Mark Robert Mullins
  • 1983: Angela Christine Leuck
  • 1982: Kenneth James McKenzie
  • 1981: Lorne Douglas Wright

Award value: $500

Established to honour Professor Mabel Timlin, a distinguished professor in the former Department of Economics and Political Science, this prize rewards the outstanding academic achievement of a graduating undergraduate student majoring in Business Economics in the Department of Economics.

  • 2018: Micah Boyes
  • 2017: Nicholas Hotsko
  • 2016: Emmanuel Boctor
  • 2015: Fadekemi Oyedeji
  • 2014: Stuart Cameron
  • 2013: Christopher Tsang
  • 2012: Nicholas Horlick
  • 2011: Ke Xu
  • 2010: Hyunwoo Kim
  • 2009: Klaudia Sieminska
  • 2008: Xiaobo Pei
  • 2007: Minh Ha, Daniel Sumner
  • 2006: Bruce Harrison