About the Department

The Department of Economics offers graduate and undergraduate programs in economics and business economics.

An undergraduate degree in Economics provides an excellent academic background for students interested in advanced studies in accounting, business, commerce, communications, finance, international studies, journalism, law or politics. A Master’s or Ph.D. degree can be a significant advantage in terms of career opportunities. The University of Saskatchewan’s highly regarded undergraduate Economics program has provided our students with solid foundations to successfully pursue advanced degrees in economics at the USask as well as in leading universities in Canada, the U.S., the U.K. and France.

We combine our research on economic and social issues with our teaching in a broad range of courses servicing the needs of economics majors and the interests of students in many other programs. 

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General Inquiries

Please send general inquiries about the Department as well as queries about Undergraduate Programs to economics.dept@usask.ca and Graduate Programs to: grad.economics@usask.ca.