Zachary Khan-Dobson - Supervisor: Professor: A. Pollak 
MA Project: Analyzing real Economic growth by examining work related to the Schumpeter growth model.  

Yildray Sahin - Supervisor: Professor: S. Liebenehm
MA Project: The Gender Profit Gap: Exploring Inequalities in Thai and Vietnamese Microenterprises


Clinton Mahoney - Supervisor: Professor D. Gilchrist
MA Project: Competing for Private Business Investment Using Property Tax Policy: A Comparative Analysis of the Five Largest Cities in the Prairies Provinces 

Khan Ahmed Naser - Supervisor: Professor M. Chaban 
MA Project: Exchange Rates, Commodity Prices, and Interest Rates for Canada, Australia & New Zealand           

S Nafisa Mahabub - Supervisor: Professor: J. Bruneau
MA Project: EKC hypothesis of Nitrous Oxide: Evidence from OECD, LDC and BRIC Countries 

Sima Heydari - Supervisor: Professor: J. Bruneau

MA Project: Aggregation and Causality in Environmental Accounts                                      

Sara Arbabian - Supervisor: Professor: E. Howe    
MA Project: Can policymakers trust Statistics Canada's population projections to make important decisions?

Kexin Jiang - Supervisor: Professor K. Foley
MA Project: Does the Intergenerational Correlation of Education Level have an Effect on the Gender Earnings Gap in Canada?

Xi Zhong - Supervisor: Professor N. Sari
MA Project: The Impact of Public Smoking Ban in Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Andy Yu - Supervisor: Professor M. Huq
MA Project: Covid-19 Effects on Labour Force Participation Rate by Immigration Status in Canada

Gage Haubrich - Supervisor: Professor K. Foley
MA Project: A Tale of Two Labour Markets: Analyzing the effect of the pandemic on public and private labour markets

Guanjie Teng - Supervisor: Professor J. Bruneau
MA Project: Canada-US Trade During Covid

Ethan Zhou - Supervisor: Professor J. Bruneau
MA Project: Policy Evaluation of Saskatchewan's Climate Change Strategy

Sajad Rahimian - Supervisor: Professor M. Chaban
MA Project: Economic Development and Democracy: An Empirical Investigation

Dora Osumu - Supervisor: Professor S. Liebenehm
MA Project: Effects of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) on Child Health Outcomes in Ghana

Ali Yousry - Supervisor: Professor J. Bruneau
MA Project: Drivers of Renewable Electricity Generation in Canada


Samved Dhar - Supervisor: Professor M. Huq
MA Project: Recovery of the Gender Wage Gap During COVID-19

Amir Hossein Foroozande - Supervisor: Professor A. Pollak
MA Project: The Impact of Distributional Effects on Secular Stagnation

Omid Ghaderi - Supervisor: Professor K. Foley
MA Project: Wage Inequality in Iranian Private and Public Sectors Paper

Nathanael Hammond - Supervisor: Professor K. Foley
MA Project: Minimum Wage and Inequality: Recent Developments in Canada 

Ruomei Du - Supervisor: Professor J. Zhao
MA Project: Economic Concepts in Guanzi (475-221 BC)

Paromita Mostafa - Supervisor: 
MA Project: An Empirical Analysis of the "She-session": What was the Initial Effect of COVID-19 on Employment and Work Hours for Men and Women in Canada?


Nana Asamoah - Supervisor: Professor J. Bruneau
MA Project: Exporting and Productivity: Panel Data Analysis of Manitoba and Saskatchewan’s Traded Industries

Reshad Aghamiri - Supervisor: Professor M. Chaban
Ma Project: Investigation of the Granger Causality Relationship Between Exchange Rates and Commodity Prices

Samrul Aahad - Supervisor: Professor M. Chaban
MA Project: An Application of Some Economicmetric and Machine Learning Techniques to the Forcasting of the New Housing Price Index in Ontario

Angelina Addae - Supervisor: Professor N. Sari
MA Project: The Impact of Sexual Orientation Hate Crime Legislation on the Incidence of Sexual Orientation Biased Crimes: Evidence from the United States

Kelvin Amponsah - Supervisor: Professor N. Sari
MA Project: Does Eliminating User Fees for Facility-based Delivery Services Matter? A Difference-in-Difference Analysis of Ghana’s Free Maternal Delivery Policy

Jiao Li - Supervisor: Professor J. Zhao
MA Project: Semi-annual Alliance Structure Analysis for the Waring States of Ancient China, 453-221 B.C.

James Wattam - Supervisor: Professor E. Shao
MA Project: Canadian Provincial Fiscal Cyclicality


Mumitul Al-Anik - Supervisor: Professor N. Sari
MA Project: Does Publicly Provided Take-Home Naloxone program affect Labour & Health related outcomes? Evidence from Canada 

Qian Ding - Supervisor: Professor G. Fenig
MA Project: How Gender Stereotypes Block Women's Career: Helping Behaviours 

Yaqiong Luo - Supervisor: Professor M. Chaban
MA Project: The Predictability of Exchange Rates by Price-Dividend Rations Using Monte Carlo Simulation 

Zhaozhao MA - Supervisor: Professor J. Bruneau
MA Project: The Impact of Energy Prices on Employment: Evidence from Provincial Wages and Employments 

Ruhid Mirzayev - Supervisor: Professor M. Chaban 
MA Project: Modeling and forecasting Daily Exchange Rates Volatility of the Canadian Dollar

Shengliang Zhu - Supersior: Professor J. Zhao
MA Project: A Quantitative Study of Alliance Structures in the Three Kingdoms of Ancient China, 208-280 AD


Mohsen Bakhshi Zadeh - Supervisor: Professor M. Chaban
Research Project: Impact of U.S. Monetary Policy Shocks on Base Metal Stock Prices: Evidence from Canada and the United States

Dallon Kuprowski - Supervisor: Professor M. Chaban
Research Project: Market Specific Determinants and Macroeconomic Fundamentals of Canadian Commercial Real Estate

Qixi Liu - Supervisor: Professor J. Zhao
Research Project: The Effects of Religious Background on Risk Aversion  

George Sakyi - Supervisor: Professor N. Sari
Research Project: Impact of Healthy Start - Départ Santé Intervention on Physical Activity and Physical Literacy Among Children at Daycare Centers

Xuan Yan - Supervisor: Professor M. Huq
Research Project: Immigration Wage Gap in Urban Saskatchewan


Naveed Ahmed - Supervisor: Professor M. Huq
Research Project: Determinants of Labor Force Participation of Rural Bangladeshi Women

Francis Frimpong - Supervisor: Professor N. Sari
Research Project: Evaluating the Nutritional Outcomes of a Physical Activity and Healthy Eating Intervention in Saskatchewan and New Brunswick

Olumayowa Gbadamosi - Supervisor: Professor M. Chaban
Research Project: Estimating the J-Curve of Canada: Then and Now

Tanzir Khan - Supervisor: Professor G. Fenig
Research Project: Heterogeneity and Focal Points in Public Good Games

Liudmyla Markevych - Supervisor: Professor K. Foley
Research ProjectThe Gender Wage Gap During the Resource Boom and Bust in Canada: What Effect Does Industrial Composition Have?

Ruoyu Qian - Supervisor: Professor J. Bruneau
Research Project: Does Greater Export Diversification Contribute to Increased Economic Stability?

Jide Reheem - Supervisor: Professor M. Chaban
Research Project: The Predictability of Canada - US Nominal Exchange Rate

Adiba Shehraj - Supervisor: Professor J. Bruneau
Research Project: The Impact of Regional Trade Integration on Trade Complementarity

Joshua Thomas - Supervisor: Professor N. Sari
Research Project: Impacts of Community Water Fluoridation Cessation on Early Childhood Caries: A Multi-Group Difference in Differences Analysis 

Christopher Tsang - Supervisor: Professor A. Pollak
Thesis: A New Keynesian Approach to Consumption Based Asset Pricing

Dazhuo Wei - Supervisor: Professor G. Fenig
Research Project: Learning to Forecast: Various Prediction Patterns Under Different Market Shocks


Kwabena Boateng Bediako - Supervisor: Professor E. Shao
Research Project: Return on Collateral, Target Deviation, and Interest Rate Corridor

Sara Latif - Supervisor: Professor K. Foley
Research Project: The Relationship Between Infant Mortality and Maternal Education in Pakistan

Ka Yi Sit - Supervisor: Professor D. Gilchrist
Research Project: The Incidence of an HST in Saskatchewan

Shabnaz Zubaid - Supervisor: Professor M. Huq
Research Project: Gender Differences in Time Use in Bangladesh


Felix Fosu - Co-Supervisors: Professor M. Chaban & A. Pollak
Research Project: Consumption Smoothing and Precautionary Saving for Norway and Canada

Biaka Imeah - Supervisor: Professor N. Sari
Research Project: Cost-Utility Analysis of Telehealth Collaborative Care Intervention for People with Chronic Low Back Pain Disorder in Rural Saskatchewan

Mingshi Kang - Supervisor: Professor M. Chaban
Research Project: Size and Asymptotic Power Performance of HAR Wald Tests Using Fixed-b Theory

Yuyun Li - 
Supervisor: Professor J. Bruneau
Research Project: Oil Dependence and Health Outcomes

1915 - 2015