Resources for Current Students


The Honours Application is available from the Undergraduate Student Office in Arts & Science - the deadline to submit it to them is May 31st. A student is able to apply for the Honours program after approximately 2 years of study. A student must have been accepted to the Honours Program before applying to do your B.F.A. exhibition.
Follow this link to the Undergraduate Student Office's site where you can find forms for Graduation check, permission to take 21cu, a Student Program Monitor request, etc. The Undergraduate Student Office is located in the Arts Building, Room 265.

Class Limits: First-year classes in Art and Art History are in high demand. If you are not able to get into a class because it is full, keep in mind that registration fluctuates and to keep checking back to see if a space has opened up. Because of the space restrictions in the studio areas, in many cases we are unable to go over that class limit to accommodate more students.

Other reasons you may need permission to take a class are to override a registration restriction, a time conflict, or a prerequisite waiver, etc.

The forms can be found here:


Lockers in the Department of Art and Art History are available on a first-come-first-serve basis for students registered in Art and Art History classes.

There is no locker fee, and students provide their own lock. There is a limit of one locker per person. They are located near the painting studio (Murray 290), and the drawing studio (Murray 190).

Lockers used during the regular term must be vacated by April 30. Spring and Summer sessions the lockers must be vacated by August 15. 

For lockers in the printmaking area, please contact Patrick Bulas:

To reserve your locker during the Spring and Summer session, please see the Office Coordinator for Art and Art History in Room 80, Murray Building.

For questions contact

Aboriginal Art in the Library -

Kenderdine Art Gallery located on the second floor of the Agriculture Building overlooking the Beamish Conservatory & Atrium

The University of Saskatchewan Permanent Art Collection & College Art Galleries are located on the first and ground floor of the College Building

The St. Thomas More Art Gallery is located on the second floor of the college, just outside the library.

The Art Department has locations in two buildings on campus: the Murray Building and the Research Annex building. The Murray Building is also where the main Murray Library is located, however the Art Department is separate and the department cannot be accessed through the library.

The Murray Building houses the printmaking facilities on the ground level in room 64. The Drawing and Photography studios are on the first level, Rooms 190 and 182, accessed through the entrance facing Place Riel and the bus mall. Going up one more floor you'll find the Painting studios in 291, accessed either by that front entrance staircase or the staircase near the Snelgrove Gallery and Sask Archives. Art History classes are mostly taught in either 292.2, past the student lounge, or in 299 - a large lecture theatre.

The Sculpture facilities are housed in the Research Annex building located at 105 Maintenance Rd.

For the regular session, Term 1 and Term 2, students have one month after exams end to claim their work. For Spring / Summer terms, they have until a week after the final day of exams.

Term 1 / Term 2 - collect work by the last day of May

Spring / Summer Term - collect work by the third week of August

Unclaimed artwork will become property of the Department of  Art and Art History and will be disposed of at its discretion. The College will assume no liability for the loss, theft, or damage of any student work at any time.

If there are circumstances which prevent you from claiming your artwork within these time frames, please contact to make alternate arrangements.

Life Drawing Models

We are looking for reliable people to be part of our roster of life-drawing models. If you are interested in applying, please download this fillable form and a submit it with a resume to

Models are paid for three hours of work at the rate of $15/hour, and must fill in a timesheet found here. If you have been scheduled and can no longer attend, it is important that we have as much notice as possible to allow us to make alternate arrangements for the class. All classes and drawing sessions are held on weekdays.


University Library

The University Library is home to a large collection of art books, current journals, videos, etc. There is an Art Book display on the 6th floor of the library where many of the books can be found in the N section.

For information on searching Art related articles, books, images and video please see the Art and Art History Research Guide. Carolyn Doi, the Fine Arts Liaison Librarian, can be contacted for more information.

The University Archives and Special Collections are located on the 3rd floor of the Murray library. Their collection includes resources about campus and Saskatchewan history, including a photography database, ephemera, books and other material as well as digital collections and exhibitions.