Fine and Performing Arts Renewal Project

Welcome to Art & Art History

Explore the study and practice of visual art. Develop your creative talents through printmaking, drawing, painting, digital imaging, sculpture, photography and extended media. Study the history of art through courses in Canadian art, Aboriginal art history, European architecture, Renaissance works, 19th Century visual culture and photographic history.

A degree in Art & Art History is a great start for students interested in careers in visual art, design, architecture, film, curatorial work, education, university teaching, arts administration and art conservation. Students with a U of S degree in Studio Art or Art History are prepared to pursue graduate studies here and around the world. At the U of S, students can work toward a graduate degree in painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, photography and inter-media. Graduates of the Master's of Fine Arts program have many career options to choose from as well. The Department also offers special-case Master’s studies in Art History.