B.F.A. Honours in Studio Art

In order to graduate with a B.F.A. Honours in Studio Art, students must successfully complete and pass ART 495 - B.F.A. Exhibition. This course requires the student to mount an exhibition of work done during the program of their study in the Department of Art & Art History. Students must include a one-page written “artist’s statement” with their exhibition, developed in consultation with a faculty advisor (full-time faculty member). The exhibition must be of quantity and quality acceptable to a faculty majority (approved by the faculty advisor and Studio Chair).

Students are required to obtain departmental approval to register in ART 495, the B.F.A. Exhibition.

1. Make sure you are in the B.F.A. Honours program: after taking 60 credits, you may apply to the Honours program through the form available at the Undergraduate Student Office in Arts & Science, Room 265 Arts. This form is due May 31st every year.

2. Declare your major through PAWS.

3. Permission to register in ART 495 Form  - If you are in the final year of your program, have maintained a 70% average, and have completed a minimum of 90 credit units, you may fill out this form, signed by a full-time faculty member who has agreed to serve as your advisor. Bring this completed form to the Office Coordinator for Art and Art History.

Deadline: the add/drop date in Term 1 (September). Permission will be placed on your account for you to register in the ART 495 class. ART 495 is a 0-credit, multi-term class. 

4. Permission to Schedule B.F.A. Exhibition Form - deadline November 30th. This form is to be signed by your faculty advisor. B.F.A. exhibitions take place in late spring. 

5. B.F.A. Gordon Snelgrove Gallery Requirements - Once you have an advisor, have completed the Permission to Register in ART 495 form, and registered for ART 495, please contact the director of the Snelgrove Gallery to talk about scheduling your exhibition. This form lists other requirements for your exhibition required at least three weeks prior to your exhibition date.

6. B.F.A. Exhibition Evaluation Form - This form is to check in with your advisor throughout the semester, and requires a signature for consultation prior to BFA exhibition, with a deadline of February 15th. It also has a place for the Faculty Examining Committee to complete once your exhibition is mounted. This form, when completed, is returned to the Office Coordinator.