2024 - 2025 Courses


Course Course Title Term 1 Term 2


100 Level Geology Courses

GEOL 102 Introduction to Geology for Engineering
GEOL 108 The Earth and How It Works
GEOL 109 The Earth and Life through Time
GEOL 121 Earth Processes
GEOL 122 Earth History


200 Level Geology Courses

GEOL 204 Introduction to International Field Studies
GEOL 205 A Geologic Journey in Spain The Earth System Through Time
GEOL 206 Earth Systems
GEOL 224 Mineralogy
GEOL 226 Introductory Petrology
GEOL 229 Introductory Geochemistry
GEOL 245 Introduction to Sedimentary Rocks
GEOL 247 Palaeontology
GEOL 258 Structural Geology
GEOL 282 Earth Physics


300 Level Geology Courses

GEOL 306 Handling and Visualising Deep Earthtime Geoscience Data
GEOL 308 Field School Sedimentary Rocks
GEOL 324* Igneous Petrology
GEOL 334 Gravity Magnetic Electromagnetic and Radiometric Methods
GEOL 343 Sedimentary Environments
GEOL 384 Introduction to Applied Geophysics


400 Level Geology Courses

GEOL 405 International Field Studies
GEOL 408 Field School Crystalline Rocks
GEOL 413 Aqueous Geochemistry
GEOL 429 Isotope Geochemistry
GEOL 448 Sequence Stratigraphy
GEOL 464 Geoscience of Green Energy and the Digital Economy
GEOL 465 Mineral Deposits
GEOL 487 Geophysical Field Methods
*Course is typically offered every other year.