Information for Registration


The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan (APEGS) licenses and regulates approximately 15,000 engineering and geoscience professionals in the public interest in accordance with The Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act

APEGS sets admission standards for qualified engineers and geoscientists to become licensed professionals in Saskatchewan. To remain proficient in protecting the public, geoscience and engineering registrants are committed to ongoing professional development and guided by the geoscience and engineering Code of Ethics.


Geoscientist-In-Training (GIT)

To become a geoscientist-in-training, you must demonstrate that you have met the academic requirement for licensure as a Professional Geoscientist.

If you have a four-year Canadian bachelor’s degree in geoscience, you should apply under the Geoscientist-in-Training – Canadian Graduate category. 

The Geology, Geophysics, and Environmental Geoscience programs are eligible degrees for APEGS registration.

If you have a bachelor’s degree in geoscience from outside of Canada, or a Canadian degree that is not in geoscience (but is in a related science), you should apply under the Geoscientist-in-Training – International Graduate category.

This may apply to graduate students looking to become geoscientists-in-training.

While you are still pursuing a geoscience degree, it is advisable to ensure you are taking the correct courses to be eligible for registration.

Students can complete a self-assessment (provided by APEGS) to map out their course requirements.

How to do your Self-Assessment:

  • Begin by reviewing the self-assessment instructions and example found here.
  • Review relevant self-assessment tables listed below and choose the one that best matches the discipline of your bachelor’s degree.
  • Write the name of your classes (as they appear on the WES course listing) beside the appropriate subject description of the Canadian syllabus.

For an APEGS Advising Appointment - Contact Britni Brenna

  • NOTE: You will need to complete your self-assessment prior to booking an appointment