wîcêhtowin Theatre Program

Creating new stories for a new generation

wîcêhtowin Aboriginal Theatre Program Opening Ceremonies. The wîcêhtowin Aboriginal Theatre Program launch event was held on campus Friday, Oct. 16. The eight students in the first cohort of ATP gathered a dawn to erect a tipi beside the Drama Building. After the tipi was put up, a pipe ceremony was held inside, followed by a traditional feast in the North Studio of John Mitchell. Students and their families, elders, faculty from across campus, university staff, and community members were welcomed to Drama and attended the wonderful event.

The Department of Drama at the University of Saskatchewan is proud to offer an innovative new program of study the wîcêhtowin Theatre Program. 

“wîcêhtowin” is a Cree word, a noun and process: we live together in harmony; we help each other; we are inclusive.

The wîcêhtowin Theatre Program (WTP) is a 21-credit Arts and Sciences Certificate program for Indigenous students. WTP allows students to take the certificate on its own in combination with any other degree program. 

WTP is an intensive applied approach to training First Nations. Métis and Inuit emerging theatre artists in the areas of Performance, Playwriting, and Theatre Design at the Drama Department, University of Saskatchewan. The program delivers meaningful and principled foundational skills in the areas Performance and Technical Theatre Design.

For students in other degree programs, this certificate will significantly enhance their degree. And for WTP certificate graduates interested in continuing their education at the University of Saskatchewan, WTP courses taken as part of the program can be used to ladder into degree programs.

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Carol Greyeyes
wîcêhtowin Theatre Program
Program Coordinator

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