Drama Students' Association

The Drama Students' Association represents the drama student body. Membership is open to any student taking a drama class at the University of Saskatchewan. There is no membership fee. To join the club you need only attend meetings, get involved, and lend a helping hand.

The Drama Students' Association is for the benefit of the students - a place where concerns may be discussed. Students with inquiries or concerns with Department of Drama policies may voice them at Association meetings. If you need relief from the pressures of academic life, you are always welcome.


Questions about USSU events and policies may be brought to the Drama Students' Association, as it is affiliated with the USSU through the Board of Course Union Representatives and sends a representative to the regular USSU meetings.


The executive representatives of the Drama Students' Association are: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. It is the executive's job to monitor funds, discuss policies and concerns with professors, and plan student events.

The collective Drama Students' Association is responsible for drama student events. Their traditional "Hangar Banger" social dances and occasional pub crawls are held to raise funds for theatre trips, workshops, and the drama student lounge.

Get Involved

Any other inquiries may be directed to the Drama Students' Association Office, JMitch 204. Watch for signs in the hallways about meetings and events - they will be glad to see you. Come out and get involved.