The mission of the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Saskatchewan is to provide a dynamic, innovative and interdisciplinary learning environment of artistic and academic excellence in the areas of Art History Studio and Art Education.

The Department of Art and Art History exists to:

  • to offer the essential elements of a visual arts education for undergraduate students, and programs leading to the Bachelor's Degree in Studio and Art History at the major, advanced and honours level (including the BFA degree);
  • to provide opportunities for graduate education at the Masters Level in the MFA studio program and Special Case Program in Art History, enabling students to continue independent research in their chosen studio or academic area;
  • to provide courses in the context of teacher training to College of Education students;
  • to provide services and elective courses to other Departments in the College and other Colleges in the University;
  • to provide a wide range of credit offerings in Evening, Spring and Summer session, and Extension programs;
  • to engage in research, scholarship and artistic activity in all three disciplines housed in the Department;
  • to provide teaching which is responsive, critical and challenging;
  • to offer a cross-disciplinary learning environment which allows students to develop a critical visual intelligence, an understanding of a range of historical, theoretical and philosophical approaches to art, and professional skills in their chosen area of study;
  • to prepare students for professions in the visual arts through broad and intensive studies in Studio, Art History and Art Education;
  • to provide expertise and service, through special programs and activities, to culturally enrich the campus community and the community at large;
  • to contribute to the promotion of learning as a life-long process.