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Geological Sciences

The Department of Geological Sciences is one of six departments within the Division of Science in the College of Arts and Science. It is housed in a large modern building, built in 1986, and which is situated on the northern side of the Bowl, at the heart of the University of Saskatchewan campus. The building is attractive and functional, and includes a Natural Sciences Museum with three full-scale dinosaur replicas, and spectacular rock and mineral displays that are open to the public throughout the year.

Recent News

Convocation 2015: top graduating students
posted June 4, 2015
Photos by Daniel Belhumeur, Sevenstar Studio The following graduating students were the recipients of top academic...

Barlow Medal for Best Geological Paper
posted May 19, 2015
The Barlow Medal for Best Geological Paper, for the best geological paper published in CIM publications during the preceding year was won by Christine L. McKechnie, Irvine R. Annesley and Kevin M....

Alumnus wins Young Scientist Award from GAC Mineral Deposits Division
posted May 19, 2015
Congratulations to Luke Ootes (former Ore Gangue President, BSc Hons - 2000), Geologist with the Northwest Territories Geological Survey, for winning the 2015 William Harvey Gross Award from the...

Geology Graduate Student wins poster competition
posted May 8, 2015
Congratulations to Luc Chabanole for winning the Best Poster and Presentation Award, for his poster on "Bakken Heavy Oil Deposits in West-Central Saskatchewan" at the Williston Basin...

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Published Works (10 Most Recent)

Fate of adsorbed arsenate during phase transformation of ferrihydrite in the presence of gypsum and alkaline conditions
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Structural basis of enzymatic benzene ring reduction
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Hydrothermal Synthesis of Open-Framework Borophosphates with Tunable Micropore Sizes, Crystal Morphologies, and Thermal Stabilities
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Global variability of chromium isotopes in seawater demonstrated by Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic Ocean samples
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Phenylthiourea alters toxicity of mercury compounds in zebrafish larvae
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Dimensional Reduction from 2D Layer to 1D Band for Germanophosphates Induced by the "Tailor Effect" of Fluoride
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Reservoirs of Selenium in Coal Waste Rock: Elk Valley, British Columbia, Canada
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d1 Oxosulfido-Mo(V) Compounds: First Isolation and Unambiguous Characterization of an Extended Series
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Erratum to "Uranium isotope fractionation in Saanich Inlet: A modern analog study of a paleoredox tracer" [Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 153, (2015), 202-215]
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Loss of the sedimentary mixed layer as a result of the end-Permian extinction
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