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Geological Sciences

The Department of Geological Sciences is one of six departments within the Division of Science in the College of Arts and Science. It is housed in a large modern building, built in 1986, and which is situated on the northern side of the Bowl, at the heart of the University of Saskatchewan campus. The building is attractive and functional, and includes a Natural Sciences Museum with three full-scale dinosaur replicas, and spectacular rock and mineral displays that are open to the public throughout the year.

Recent News

Graham George Elected to Royal Society of Canada
posted September 8, 2016
Two internationally recognized researchers affiliated with the College of Arts & Science at the University of Saskatchewan have been elected to the Royal Society of Canada. Graham George,...

Sandra Timsic joins SIL as Manager
posted September 8, 2016
Dear Colleagues,   We are pleased to send this email to announce that Dr. Sandra Timsic has accepted the position as laboratory manager for the Saskatchewan Isotope Laboratory. She took up...

Rock Stars
posted July 13, 2016
A young geologist was in his glory earlier this week as he toured the university’s extensive rock collection. Judah Tyreman, 12, is a budding young rock aficionado who has been collecting...

Ore Gangue Alumnus "Walking Back to Saskatoon"
posted June 10, 2016
Dave Nordin, a 1984 alumnus of the Department, is in the midst of a walk from Calgary to Saskatoon to raise money for charity. He was active with the Ore Gangue while he was a student, and has...

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Upcoming Events

Faculty Mini Talks
(September 30, 2016)

International Fossil Day Public Lectures
(October 15, 2016)

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Published Works (10 Most Recent)

Raman investigation on the behavior of parasibirskite CaHBO3 at high pressure
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Trace element-mineral associations in modern and ancient iron terraces in acid drainage environment
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Sequestration of molybdate during transformation of 2-line ferrihydrite under alkaline conditions
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Ichnology of a subaqueously prograding clastic wedge, late Pliocene Morne L'Enfer Formation, Fullarton, Trinidad: Implications for recognition of autogenic erosional surfaces and delineation of stress factors on irregular echinoids
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Bioeroded Dinosaur Bones: Novel Signatures of Necrophagous Activity in a Cretaceous Continental Environment
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Calcium isotope constraints on the marine carbon cycle and CaCO3 deposition during the late Silurian (Ludfordian) positive δ13C excursion
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New hydrothermal route for the synthesis of high purity nanoparticles of zeolite y from kaolin and quartz
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Insights into the Nature of the Chemical Bonding in Thiophene-2-thiol from X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
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Sequestration of As and Mo in uranium mill precipitates (pH 1.5–9.2): An XAS study
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Confocal x-ray Fluorescence Imaging Facilitates High-Resolution Elemental Mapping in Fragile Archaeological Bone
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