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Geological Sciences

The Department of Geological Sciences is one of six departments within the Division of Science in the College of Arts and Science. It is housed in a large modern building, built in 1986, and which is situated on the northern side of the Bowl, at the heart of the University of Saskatchewan campus. The building is attractive and functional, and includes a Natural Sciences Museum with three full-scale dinosaur replicas, and spectacular rock and mineral displays that are open to the public throughout the year.

Recent News

Nominations open for Division of Science Research Awards
posted December 3, 2014
Nominations are now open for the 2014/15 Division of Science Research Awards. University of Saskatchewan faculty can nominate their colleagues. The Distinguished Researcher Award recognizes a...

New to US: Camille Partin
posted November 7, 2014
by Michael Robin Camille Partin was in the second year of her undergraduate degree when she discovered she could make a career out of her insatiable curiosity for rocks. “I always loved being...

Prof. Gabriela Mangano has been elected as Member of the Scientific Board of the UNESCO International Geoscience Program (IGCP)
posted October 20, 2014
Prof. Gabriela Mangano has been elected as Member of the Scientific Board of the UNESCO International Geoscience Program (IGCP), with an specific attachment to the theme on Global Change and the...

Science outreach program receives international awards
posted October 3, 2014
PotashCorp Kamskénow kids examine minerals at an Oct. 3, 2014 activity day on campus. Photo credit:...

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Published Works (10 Most Recent)

Selenium biofortification of broccoli and carrots grown in soil amended with Se-enriched hyperaccumulator Stanleya pinnata
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Density functional theory study of the magnetic shielding mechanism for 11B in pentaborate minerals: Ulexite and probertite
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Archean crustal evolution in the southeastern North China Craton: New data from the Huoqiu Complex
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Laminar-specific distribution of zinc: Evidence for presence of layer IV in forelimb motor cortex in the rat
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Early Paleozoic high-Mg diorite-granodiorite in the eastern Kunlun Orogen, western China: Response to continental collision and slab break-off
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Adaptive radiation along a thermal gradient: Preliminary results of habitat use and respiration rate divergence among whitefish morphs
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Hydrothermal synthesis of high purity zeolite A from natural kaolin without calcination
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Arsenic species in raw and cooked rice: Implications for human health in rural Bengal
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Formation mechanism of layered double hydroxides in Mg2+-, Al3+-, and Fe3+-rich aqueous media: Implications for neutralization in acid leach ore milling
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Spatial, vertical and temporal variation of arsenic in shallow aquifers of the Bengal Basin: Controlling geochemical processes
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