Mathematical Physics


The Mathematical Physics program is an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science (Honours) program in the College of Arts & Science at the University of Saskatchewan.  


What Does Our Program Offer Inside the Classroom?


This exciting program combines the best of two worlds. The program provides a rigorous foundation in both mathematics and physics, after which upper-year students enjoy special topics courses ranging from algebraic geometry, to the mathematical underpinnings of quantum mechanics, to string theory, to quantum computing. Our courses are taught by research-active faculty working on various aspects of pure mathematics, applied mathematics, theoretical physics, and applied / engineering physics.


What Does Our Program Offer Outside the Classroom?


Students in the Mathematical Physics program have been very successful in attaining paid summer research positions and have an excellent track record of being admitted into top graduate schools. Students spend their final year in the program writing an Honours Thesis, which is another opportunity to conduct cutting-edge research. 


The Mathematical Physics program maintains a symbiotic research relationship with USask's Centre for Quantum Topology and Its Applications (quanTA), which attracts high-profile researchers to give talks for our students.  The centre also provides research experiences for Mathematical Physics students through the quanTA Undergraduate Student Research Awards. 

We regularly send our students to relevant summer schools and workshops.  These activities enhance their experience by introducing them to next-generation research in mathematics and theoretical physics.  The events also allow students to network with faculty and students at other institutions.


Want to Know More?


You can read about the specific accomplishments and current positions of our recent alumni.

For more information on the admissions process, please consult this page.

If you are interested in joining the program, have questions, or would like to have an advising session, please contact the program chair, Dr. Steven Rayan.


Program Committee


  • Dr. Steven Rayan (Mathematics and Statistics)


  • Dr. Masoud Ghezelbash (Physics and Engineering Physics)
  • Dr. Artur Sowa (Mathematics and Statistics)
  • Dr. Tom Steele (Physics and Engineering Physics)
  • Dr. Jazek Szmigielski (Mathematics and Statistics)
  • Dr. Kaori Tanaka (Physics and Engineering Physics)
  • Dr. Alexander Weekes (Mathematics and Statistics)



  • October 2022: The Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded to Alain Aspect (Paris-Saclay), John Clauser (J.F. Clauser and Assoc.), and Anton Zeilinber (Vienna) for experiments involving quantum entanglement.  Read the announcement here!
  • November 2021: Fields Medalist Prof. Edward Witten of the Institute for Advanced Study is giving the 2nd Peter Scherk Lecture in Geometry.  Don't miss this exciting event!
  • November 2021: Read about the research of graduating Mathematical Physics student Edward Utama!
  • May 2021: Read about the studies and quanTA-sponsored research work of graduating Mathematical Physics student Robert Cornea!
  • December 2020: Read about the recent quanTA-funded work of Mathematical Physics student Travis Black!
  • October 2020: The Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded to the mathematical physicist Sir Roger Penrose (University of Oxford).  Penrose trained in algebraic geometry and then used his mathematical skills to revolutionize theoretical physics, in particular the study of black holes.  This article is a nice read on the surprising nature of this year's prize.
  • June 2020: Read about the journey of Mathematical Physics graduate and quanTA PhD student Madeline Berezowski!