Application Procedures

Program Applications for the next academic year will open in September. Early applications are not possible. The deadline to apply is December 15.


Please note that Mathematics (MSc, MMath, PhD) and Statistics (MSc, PhD) are separate programs.  If you are interested in Mathematics, please ensure that the program you are applying to is listed as "Mathematics".  Likewise, if you are interested in Statistics, please ensure that the program you are applying to is listed as "Statistics".


Applying for MMath - Important Notes on Funding and International Applicants

Please note that MMath candidates are ineligible for all forms of internal funding offered by the Department (financial support, scholarships, fellowships) and are furthermore ineligible for most external funding.

As such, we strongly recommend that international applicants apply for the MSc or PhD degrees, depending on their qualifications, rather than the MMath.  International applicants without sufficient funding will be ineligible for study permits and thus, even if an international candidate is admitted to the MMath degree, there are likely to be significant difficulties in commencing the program.  Candidates admitted to our MSc and PhD degrees typically receive full funding, which makes these options far better for international candidates.


Those interested in applying can initiate the application process via the appropriate sections of the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (CGPS) website.  Please visit for Mathematics and for Statistics.

All individuals interested in applying to our programs must apply formally via the official CGPS application web site. Please do not contact staff or faculty directly to request admission.

All contact regarding graduate applications must be sent to (for Mathematics) or (for Statistics). Please do not contact faculty directly requesting supervision - we will circulate your completed application to all applicable faculty members.

Please understand that our Department's Main Office receives a large volume of email. We answer all emails and will notify each person of the final decision on their application once the application outcome is known. Please be patient as all emails are answered in the order they are received. The Main Office does not accept telephone calls regarding application inquiries.


Application Steps

Fill out a Graduate Studies Online Application: 

  • Step-by-step How-to
  • Please ensure you provide correct information and please ensure you choose "Mathematics" or "Statistics" correctly as your intended program, based on your interests.
    • Note: Biostatistics is not part of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.  It is maintained separately by the School of Public Health.  If you apply for Biostatistics, it will be received and considered by the School of Public Health.
  • We only accept applications for September 1st start dates. Please ensure you apply for Graduate (B) Fall term start - September. If you apply for other start dates you likely will be unable to finish your application process due to Mathematics / Statistics not being listed as a course of study.
  • Reference letters:
    • Each application must be supported by three references.  We prefer that all three references be university-level academic ones, but we recognize that there are instances when industry or community-based references are applicable.  We recommend you contact potential referees in advance to seek their permission to register them as your referees. Your academic referees should be people who have taught/supervised you in your previous or current studies. Please keep in mind that our Graduate Committees (Mathematics and Statistics) will carefully read these recommendations as part of our admissions deliberations.
    • Please advise your referees that the University of Saskatchewan will be sending them an automated email message asking for their online recommendation. They will be receiving this request within 1–5 business days after the submission of the application. Please be aware: email clients will sometimes route such emails to junk/spam folders.
    • If you make an error when filling out the recommendations (typos, errors in emails, wrong person, etc.) please contact or with the correct information and we will manually update it for you. Please ensure that you either provide your BID associated with your application.
  • A non-refundable application fee of 120 CAD is required before your application will be processed. We recommend that you pay your application fee online at the time of application to avoid any delays in the processing of your application.
  • We are unable to waive the application fee.  It is charged and received by the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, not the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

Once the application fee has been paid, you will be able to upload copies of the required admissions documents. Apart from some forms of digitally-secure transcript documents, most uploaded copies of test results and transcripts will be considered unofficial. Official copies of documents should not be sent until after you receive an offer of admission, which will include a list of official documents required and the address to which they should be sent.


  • Ensure you upload all required documents. Your application will only be reviewed once all required documents have been uploaded to the application system. If you have emailed these documents to (for Mathematics) or (for Statistics), you will still be required to upload them in your application when you apply online.
  • Required documents:
    • Preliminary Statement of Marks (Transcript)
    • Proof of English proficiency (If required)
    • Your current CV/Resume
    • Research Statement including a detailed description of your research interest(s) 
      • For Mathematics (MSc, MMath, PhD), please indicate your preferred specialization(s):
        • Pure Mathematics
        • Applied Mathematics
        • Discrete Mathematics

Helpful information regarding how to prepare your documents for upload:

The University of Saskatchewan reserves the right to remove an uploaded document if the quality of the document is unacceptable, if a virus is detected, or if it does not match the admission requirement. This will result in delays in reviewing your application and making a decision, so please follow the instructions below.

  • Full name must appear on all uploaded documents.
  • Ensure that all information on the document is readable.
  • If a document is in a language other than English, a certified English translation must also be included.
  • Scanning at a resolution of 300 DPI is recommended.
  • Ensure that the scanned document orientation matches the original. For example, transcripts that are printed vertically (portrait) should be scanned so that they appear in portrait format. Transcripts printed horizontally (landscape) should appear in landscape format.
  • Do not upload all your supporting documents as one file. Create one PDF for each type of document you are required to upload.
  • Multipage documents should be saved as a single PDF document. Please ensure that all pages of the document are in the correct order.
  • All documents must be saved in an unsecured PDF format before they can be uploaded. Your PDF document must not be password protected.


  • We will eventually contact all applicants who have paid the application fee and provided all required documents with a final decision email. Contact can sometimes take an extended period of time due to the large number of applications we receive. Please be patient and wait for further contact from or We suggest you ensure and re added to your safe sender list to avoid our emails being filtered as junk / spam.
  • We announce acceptances as soon as a decision has been finalized by the Graduate Committees and the Department. Decisions can be made made as late as April or May and so we ask that you please be patient.
  • Emails are answered in the order they are received. Emailing us multiple times will not speed up the time it will take for us to respond.
  • If we have questions or concerns regarding your application we will contact you. Please check the email address you applied with regularly for messages from us, which will lways come from
  • or