Job Opportunities

Tenure-Track Positions

Sessional Lecturer Positions

Sessional positions are posted on the University of Saskatchewan page here: 

Student Assistant Opportunities

Each term sundergraduate students are hired for marking positions. If you are interested in applying, the application form is found HERE.

Once hired, If you have never received pay from the University of Saskatchewan, you will need to provide an Employee Direct Deposit form to the appropriate office. You can also enter the data online via PAWS - Admin Services tab, "My Employment" channel. The "My Employment" channel only shows up once you are an employee. If this is the first time you have been employeed by the University this tab may not show up for few weeks. 

Please apply at least one month prior to the start of the term in which you are interested in working. All applications must be completely filled out, signed, and returned to Manuela (details below). Applications can be returned either by Email or in person.

Manuela Golban
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Saskatchewan