FAQ's before you apply

Statistics is considered a research specialization within the Mathematics program. If you wish to specialize in Statistics, apply for Mathematics and within your required Research Statement document clearly indicate your interest in Statistics in the opening paragraph.
The application system will open for the 2022-2023 academic year in September 2021. When applying you will choose "Graduate (B) Fall Term start"
No, the Department does not accept applications for January or May starts, only September.
Due to the large number of inquiries we receive we ask that you go to https://grad.usask.ca/admissions/admission-requirements.php and review the admission requirements. We will not review your degrees, transcripts, or any application documents prior to your application being complete within the official system or respond to emails requesting these services.

Applicants with no Mathematics/Statistics degree's will be considered after close review of all of their post-secondary transcripts by the Graduate Committee. The Graduate Committee must be confident that your previous studies in Mathematics/Statistics have prepared you for graduate-level course work and research. Only applicants that have paid the application fee and have uploaded their documents into the application will be reviewed.

Funding is competitive and has higher requirements then the application minimum requirements. All applications that are complete by the application deadline and qualify for funding awards will be considered for all awards available.

The deadline to have your completed application submitted is December 15, 2021, for the 2022-2023 academic year. Late and Early applications will not be considered.

Please review this useful guide regarding how to apply: 


Please do not contact faculty directly. All people applying to our programs must have their application reviewed before any faculty will consider their application requests.  Once an application is complete we will circulate your application to relevant faculty, using your Research Statement to determine the best faculty for your research interests.

The application fee is mandatory - no exceptions are possible. A non-refundable application fee of $120 CDN is required before your application will be processed. We recommend that you pay your application fee online at the time of application to avoid any delays in the processing of your application. You can only pay online during the initial application process. If you are unable to complete your credit card payment online, but still wish to pay with credit card, you can submit a Credit Card Payment Form (https://grad.usask.ca/documents/payment.pdf).

The Credit Card Payment Form can be faxed to 306-966-2115, or mailed to Student and Enrolment Services, 105 Administration Place, Saskatoon SK, Canada S7N 5A2.

FAQ’s related to the English requirement

You must complete a degree with a minimum of 3 consecutive years in an institution where the exclusive language of instruction and examination is English. In order to be considered for exemption, the foreign college or university must be listed in the International Association of Universities' World Higher Education Database (WHED) http://www.whed.net/ as providing instruction solely in English



Yes, if you do not meet the requirements currently but plan to rewrite the test to raise the results to our minimum you can apply beforehand and email (mathgrad@math.usask.ca) or upload your new results to the system. If your test is scheduled after January 15 (the application deadline) you can still apply with your old results but must email mathgrad@math.usask.ca details of your test date prior to the deadline so we can update your file accordingly. We prefer, if possible, that you forward an official confirmation that you have it scheduled. You will not be considered for scholarships or awards unless you have communicated with us that your test has been scheduled.

FAQ’s regarding uploading your documents

No, it is required that all documents are uploaded to the official College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies application system. 

The application fee must be processed prior to accessing the options for uploading documents. If you still are encountering issues uploading documents after your application fee has been processed please refer to https://grad.usask.ca/admissions/uploading-documents.php#Requireddocuments

There is no template for the Research Statement. Below is a guide to assist in creating yours:

A brief statement of research interests (1-3 pages in length), should include: 

  • the general research areas you are interested in working in, ranking them if you have preferences (Pure Math, Applied Math, Discrete Math, Statistics); it is optimal to include this information in your opening paragraph;
    • You can also include the names of faculty members whose research (as indicated on their research pages) aligns with your interests. If you have made contact with specific faculty and those faculty have responded positively and recommended you apply, please indicate that.
  • any specific areas of interest that could lead to a thesis topic;
  • information that highlights your abilities (e.g., publications, presentations, experience with research related software, etc.);
  • a description of your educational and career goals and an assessment of how this graduate program will help you to achieve these goals. 

We also suggest you try to write as clearly, concisely, and concretely as you can as this is your chance to set your first impression with a faculty. It is a good idea to have somebody proofread your document to catch errors and make sure it reads well.

Please attempt to fix this issue within your application in the document upload section. There is a help page for this here: https://grad.usask.ca/admissions/uploading-documents.php#Requireddocuments. If you still are encountering issues you can email mathgrad@math.usask.ca for further assistance but be aware there may be significant delays to your application due to the large number of emails we receive.

FAQ’s after the application has been submitted:

Send an email to mathgrad@math.usask.ca with your BID, details of the reference change needed, and any other useful information regarding the change request.

When processing your application if we notice an error, issue, or have further questions we will contact the applicant directly. Please try to respond to emails from mathgrad@math.usask.ca promptly to ensure your application is not delayed.

After the Department has considered your application (which usually occurs over the January to March), a recommendation for admission may be given to the College. The review process can take until the end of March before decisions are finalized. You will be notified by the Department of the final decision.  If a recommendation for admission is given your application will be sent to the College for review.  You will receive a letter from the College if accepted once they have reviewed your file.

We usually recommend acceptances by the end of March. Only complete applications will be considered

Applications that do not meet our minimum requirements will be notified at the time of pre-screening. All other applications will find out in April if they were declined or are on a short list.

If you have already applied to our graduate program and are inquiring about the status of your application, please note that due to the large number of applications we receive each year, we cannot routinely acknowledge when we receive each piece of information or provide updates on the application progress. We contact all applicants who have paid the application fee and provided all required documents with a final decision email. Contact can sometimes take an extended period of time due to the large number of applications we receive. Please be patient and wait for further contact from mathgrad@math.usask.ca.