Graduate Alumni


Hu Hao Identifying Risk Factors for Cognitive Decline Using Statistical Learning Techniques and Functional Data Analysis MSc 2022 L. Li/ L. Xing
Schmirler Matthew Modelling DNA Knotting Using Interacting Lattice Self-Avoiding Polygon Models PhD 2022 C. Soteros
Keller Jason Exact Equilibrium Solutions of the Magnetohydrodynamic Plasma Model MSc 2022 A. Shevyakov


Mahmood Exact and Approximate Symmetries and Approximate Conservation Laws of Differential Equations with a Small parameter PhD 2022 A. Shevyakov


Emmanuel Gröbner Bases via Linkage for Classes of Generalized Determinantal Ideals PhD 2022 J. Rajchgot


Derek A Summary of the FV Homomorphic Encryption Scheme and the Average-Case Noise Growth MSc 2021 C. Franc
Chen Man Association between Gut Microbiome and Parkinson's Disease Revealed by Sparse Learning MSc 2021 L. Li
Miller Sheldon Interpretations of Stability for Twisted Quiver Representations on the Projective Line MSc 2021 J. Rajchgot/S. Rayan
Agyemang Samuel Shear Wave Models in Linear and Nonlinear Elastic Materials MSc 2020 A. Shevyakov
Cervi Jessica Towards New High-Order Operator Splitting Time-Integration Methods PhD 2020 R. Spiteri
Zhang Jian'ou Graphical Tools for Item Response Theory Model Assessment MSc 2020 J. Liu
Eng Jeremy A Transfer Matrix Approach to Studying the Entanglement Complexity of Self-Avoiding Polygons in Lattice Tubes PhD 2020 C. Soteros
Hasan  Nazmul Grain Dust and Health: A Competing Risk Analysis for the Grain Workers in Saskatchewan MSc 2020 S. Khan
Dadgar Mehrdad Prediction of Waiting Time for Entities in Independent and Merged Queues Using Markov Chain and Machine Learning Techniques MSc 2019 H. Samarghandi
Sundbo Evan  The Geometry and Topology of Twisted Quiver Varieties MSc 2019 S. Rayan
Irin Zahida Sultana   M.Math 2019 M. Bickis
Barba de la Mora Diego Non-Commutative Probability for the Spectral Analysis of Simplicial Complexes MSc 2019 J. Wang
Dong Mei Feature Selection Bias in Assessing the Predictivity of SNPs for Alzheimer's Disease MSc 2019 L. Li/L. Balbuena
Fagbade Adeyemi Numerical Simulation of the Lux Vertical Axis Wind Turbine MSc 2019 R. Spiteri
Khosa Saima Khan Parametric Proportional Hazard Models with Applications in Survival Analysis PhD 2019 S. Khan
Stasiuk Daniel An Enumeration Problem for Sequences of n-ary Trees Arising from Algebraic Operads MSc 2019 M. Bremner/C. Soteros
Wang Xiaoying Comparison of Statistical Testing and Predictive Analysis Methods for Feature Selection in Zero-inflated Microbiome Data MSc 2019 L. Li
Zhang Kangjie Measurement Error Adjustment in the Offset Variable of a Poisson Model MSc 2019 J. Liu/R. Spiteri
Ashleik Naeima Learning for Contingency Tables and Survival Data using Imprecise Probabilities PhD 2018 M. Bickis
Bai Wei Randomized Quantile Residual for Assessing Generalized Linear Mixed Models with Application to Zero-Inflated Microbiome Data MSc 2018 L. Li/C. Feng
Vlahu Izabela The Orthogonal Band Decomposition of the Finite Dirichlet Matrix and its Applications PhD 2018 A. Sowa/P. Babyn
Kar Setu Chandra Generalized Bent-Cable Methodology for Changepoint Data: A Bayesian Approach MSc 2017 S. Khan
Rijal Sanjeev Complex Survey And Design Effect With Rao-Scott Correction And Log-Linear Analysis MSc 2017 W. Laverty
Achath  Sudhakar Computational Determination of Coherence of Financial Risk Measure as a Lower Prevision of Imprecise Probability MSc 2017 M. Bickis
Wang Yunyang Comparison of Stochastic Volatility Models Using Integrated Information Criteria  MSc 2016 L. Li
Tseng Pei-Lun  Harmonic analysis approach to Voiculescu's R-transform M.Math 2016 J. Wang
Sadeghpour Alireza Empirical Investigation of Randomized Quantile Residuals for Diagnosis of Non-Normal Regression Models MSc 2016 L. Li/C. Feng
Islam Naorin Substance Abuse and Health: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach to Assess Latent Health Effects MSc 2016 S. Khan/L. Li
Sonaallah Fatma Fixed Point Theorems, Coincidence Point Theorems and Their Applications MSc 2016 F. Kuhlmann
Dong Yue A Simulation Study to Evaluate Bayesian LASSO’s Performance in Zero-Inflated Poisson (ZIP) Models MSc 2016 J. Liu
Mia Abdus Sattar Conservation Laws of a Nonlinear Incompressible Two-Fluid Model MSc 2016 A. Shevyakov
Mara'Beh Raed Localized Spot Patterns for the Brusselator Reaction-Diffusion System MSc 2016 R. Spiteri
Stack Karly A Derivation of the Wishart and Singular Wishart Distributions MSc 2016 J. Szmigielski
Assaf Samer Generalized Metrics PhD 2016 E. Tymchatyn
Tseng Pei-Lun Harmonic Analysis Approach to Voiculescu's R-transform M.Math 2016 J. Wang
Jiang Lai Fully Bayesian T-probit Regression with Heavy-tailed Priors for Selection in High-Dimensional Features with Grouping Structure PhD 2015 L. Li
Torabi Ziaratgahi Saeed Efficient Numerical Methods for the Heart Simulation PhD 2015 R. Spiteri
Qiu Shi Cross-validatory Model Comparison and Divergent Regions Detection using iIS and iWAIC for Disease Mapping MSc 2015 L. Li/C. Feng
Shamloo Arash Mathematical Modelling of Nano-Electronic Systems PhD 2014 A. Sowa
St. Jean Simon Applications of Symmetries and Conservation Laws to the Study of Nonlinear Elasticity Equations MSc 2014 A. Shevyakov
Wendler Enzo Law of Large Numbers for Montone Convolution MSc 2014 J. Wang
Soltani Farsani Jafar Hyperreflexivity of the bounded n-cocycles spaces  of Banach algebras PhD 2014 E. Samei
Richards Megan Convergence in the Mean-Field Limit for Two Species of Bosonic Particles MSc 2014 W. Abou Salem
Obeidat Mohammed Bayesian Analysis for Time Series of Count Data PhD 2014 J. Liu
Kendall Courtney Factor Scoring Methods Affected by Response Shift in  Patient-Reported Outcomes MSc 2014 L. Lix/J. Liu
Mirshekari Elham Extending BACOLI to solve multi-scale problems MSc 2014 R. Spiteri
Eng Jeremy Self-avoiding polygons in (L, M)-tubes MSc 2014 C. Soteros
Yan Qingxiang Queueing Models for Capacity Changes in Cellular Networks PhD 2013 R. Srinivasan 
Moradi Laleh Compact and weakly compact Derivations on l^1(Z_+) MSc 2013 E. Samei/Y. Choi
Alaghmandan Mahmood Weighted Hypergroups and some questions in Abstract Harmonic Analysis PhD 2013 E. Samei/Y. Choi
Xun Dong Response Adaptive Clinical Trials with Censored Lifetimes MSc 2013 M. Bickis
Qiao Shan Estimating the Effects of Air Pollutants on Recurrent Hospital Admission for Respiratory Diseases MSc 2013 J. Lui
Novacoski Josnei Antonio The Structure of Spaces of Valuations and the Local Uniformization Problem PhD 2013 Franz-Viktor Kuhlmann
Rostamiforooshani Mehdi Renormalization Group Method MSc 2013 Jacek Szmigielski/Walid Abou Salem
Bataineh Osama Imprecise Probability Models for Logistic Regression PhD 2013 Mik Bickis
Marsh (Lewis) Megan An Assessment of Numerical Methods for Cardiac Simulation MSc 2012 R. Spiteri
Vlahu Izabela Higher Kaplansky Theory MSc 2012 Franz-Viktor Kuhlmann
Stavrou Stavros Canonical Forms of 2x2x2 and 2x2x2x2 Tensors MSc 2012 Murray Bremner
Schmirler Matthew Strand Passage and Knotting Probabilities in an Interacting Self-Avoiding Polygon Model MSc 2012 Christine Soteros
Rana Md. Masud Spatial-Longitudinal Bent-Cable Model with an Application to Atmospheric CFC Data MSc 2012 Longhai Li/Shahedul Khan
Li Zhengrong A Non-MCMC Procedure for Fitting Dirichlet Process Mixture Models MSc 2012 Longhai Li
Ghasemi Mehdi Polynomial Optimization and the Moment Problem PhD 2012 Salma Kuhlmann/Murray Marshall
Elgendy Hader Polynomial Identities and Enveloping Algebras for n-ary Structures PhD 2012 Murray Bremner
Soltanifar Mohsen Some Results on the Distributions of Operator-Valued Semicircular Random Variables MSc 2011 S. Belinschi/E. Samei
Olinov Andrey  Symbolic Software for Symmetry Reduction and Computation of Invariant Solutions of Differential Equations  MSc  2011 A. Cheviakov 
Korneeva Daria Numerical Simulation of Compressible Gas Flow Coupled to Heat Conduction in Two Space Dimensions MSc 2011 A. Cheviakov 
Zhang  Zhidong Call centres with balking and abandonment:  from queueing to queueing network models PhD  2010 R. Srinivasan 
Yin Yaling Multiple Hypothesis Testing and Multiple Outlier Identification Methods PhD 2010 M. Bickis/C. Soteros
Lataianu Bogdan Graphs and conditional probability MMath 2010 M. Bickis 
Hu Jiaxiong Invariant Lie Polynomials in Two and Three Variables MSc 2009 J. Liu
Szafron Michael The Knotting Statistics after a Local Strand Passage in Unknotted Self-Avoiding Polygons in Z3 PhD 2009 C. Soteros
Qi Jiezhi Comparison of Proportional Hazards and Accelerated Failure Time Models MSc 2009 M. Bickis/H. Lim
Grenkow Noreen Cluster Analysis and C4.5 Decision Trees A New Look at Wait Time and Breast Cancer MSc 2008 W. Laverty
Mohajer Keivan Some Distributional Solutions of the CH, DP and CH2 Equations and the Lax Pair Formalism PhD 2008 J. Szmigielski
Atapour Mahshid Topological Entanglement Complexity of Systems of Polygons and Walks in Tubes PhD 2008 C. Soteros
Li Xiao Bo (Alice) Multiple Significance Tests and Their Relation to P-Values MSc 2008 M. Bickis
Gladki Pawel The pp Conjecture in the Theory of Spaces of Orderings PhD 2007 M. Marshall
Haias Manuela On the Value Group of Exponential and Differential Ordered Fields MSc 2007 F.V. Kuhlmann/S. Kuhlmann
Cuell Charles Lagrange-d'Alembert Integrators PhD 2007 G. Patrick
Karunanayake Chandima Multivariate Poisson Hidden Markov Models for Analysis of Spatial Counts PhD 2007 W. Laverty
Fan Wei Non-Negative Polynomials on Compact Semi-Algebraic Sets in One Variable Case MSc 2006 M. Marshall/S. Kuhlmann
Li Song Analysing Stochastic Call Demand with Time Varying Parameters MSc 2005 R. Srinivasan/M. Bickis
Adedigba Adebolanle Statistical Distributions for Service Times MSc 2005 R. Srinivasan
Hossain Md. Alomgir Using Logistic Regression to Determine the Risk Factors for Soft Tissue Sarcoma in Males on Cross-Canada Study of Pesticides and Health MMath 2005 M. Bickis
Fomenko Natalia Relative Equilibria of Coupled Underwater Vehicles MSc 2005 G. Patrick
Tang Xuan Autoregressive Hidden Markov Model with Application in an El Nino Study MSc 2004 W. Laverty
Code Warren Sturm-Liouville Problems with Eigenparameter-Dependent Boundary Conditions MSc 2003 P. Browne, Dept. of Computer Science
Simchi Alireza Asymptoic Distributions in Randomization Theory PhD 2003 M. Bickis, Dept. of Computer Science
Karassev Alexandre On Extension Dimension and (L)-Homotopy PhD 2002 A. Chigogidze
Green Trevor Properties of Chain Products and Ehrenfeucht-Fraisse Games on Chains MSc 2002 S. Kuhlmann
Brodskiy Nikolay Selections and Approximations of Multivalued Mappings PhD 2002 A. Chigogidze
Yang Po The Delta Load Transfer Model and Related Models MSc 2001 C. Soteros/R. Srinivasan
Chun Hyun Ku The Orthogonal Group of an Elliptic Space MSc 2001 S. Berman/S. Kuhlmann
Szafron Michael Monte Carlo Simulations of Strand Passage in Unknotted Self-Avoiding Polygons MSc 2000 C. Soteros
Zekavat S.M. Mahdi Orderings, Cuts and Formal Power Series PhD 2000 M. Marshall
Yang Qingde Multiresolution Analysis on Non-abelian Locally Compact Groups PhD 1999 KF Taylor
Song Jianwei On Free Spaces PhD 1999 ED Tymchatyn
Ewhida Adel Ali Long Tail Distributions MSc 1999 W. Laverty
Elgmati Entisar Hidden Markov Models with Application to Autoregressive Time Series Models MSc 1999 W. Laverty
Tan Shaobin A Study of Vertex Operator constructions for Some Infinite dimensional Lie Algebras PhD 1998 S. Berman
Zhang Yufei Orderings on Noncommutative Rings PhD 1998 M. Marshall
Legge Sean Project "An Examination of Site Percolation on the Bethe Tree" MMath 1998 C. Soteros
Wagner Jacinda   PGD 1998  
Yu Yueping Factorization of Matrix Functions on Unit Circle MSc 1997 J. Szmigielski
Wang Shaobo On Accessibility of Composants of Continua MSc 1997 ED Tymchatyn
Azam Saied Extended Affine Lie Algebras & Extended Affine Weyl Groups PhD 1997 S. Berman
Yang Chang-Cheng Characterizing Spaces by disconnection Properties PhD 1997 ED Tymchatyn
Yang Mingze A Study of Crystal Groups and Related Subjects PhD 1996 KF Taylor
Kong Nan Magnetic Distrubances Associate with Polar Cap Auroral Arcs MSc 1995 D.J. McEwen - Physics/R. Srinivasan - Math & Stats
Debski Wojciech Tests of Uniformity MSc 1995 M. Bickis/KF Taylor
Sarty Gordon K-Plane Coordinate Reconstruction for Magnetic Resonance Imaging PhD 1995 J.A. Brooke
Krylyuk Yaroslav On the Structure of Quasi-Simple Lie Algebras and their Automorphism Groups PhD 1995 S. Berman
Wang Xikui Sequential Selections of Treatments with Delayed Responses PhD 1995 M. Bickis
Paulhus Marc A study of computer simulations of combinatorial structures with applications to Lattice animal models of branched polymers MSc 1994 C. Soteros
Walter Leslie Orders and signatures of higher level on a commutative ring PhD 1994 M. Marshall
Edebiri Charles A Study of the Output Process of some Stationary GI/M/1 Queueing Systems M.Sc. 1994 R. Srinivasan
Gao Yun Skew-Dihedral Homology and Involutive Lie Algebras Graded by Finite Root Systems PhD 1994 S. Berman
Chen Jian Bin Relative Equilibria of the System of Three Coupled Rigid Bodies MSc 1994 George Patrick
Ruan Yingsheng A Study of Monte Carlo Methods and Applications MSc 1994 C.E. Soteros
Reyes Enrique G. Particle Dynamics:  The Symplectic Paradigm MSc 1994 J.A. Brooke
Chaudhari Sumedha Methods for Combining Information from Different Studies MSc 1994 M.G. Bickis
Bliss John Gerald The Axiomatic Basis for Root Systems PhD 1993 S. Berman
Wang Yong A Study of Feigenbaum's Equation and Related Eigenvalue Problems MSc 1992 J.W. Stephenson
Wang Jian (James) Numerical Solutions for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws PhD 1992 M.J. Miket
Kolenc-Saban Aleksandra Mixture Models:  The Number of Components MSc 1992 W.H. Laverty
Wang Yuke The Cylinder Correspondence for Complete Intersections of Genus Zero MSc 1992 J. Lewis
Huang Jiqing Queues in Series:  Bottleneck Phenomenon and Approximate Analysis MSc 1992 R. Srinivasan
Li Xiaochun Review of Bootstrap Methods and Applications MSc 1991 W.H. Laverty
Gong Lianger Contributions to Stationary Forced Korteweg-de Vries Equation MSc 1991 S. Shen
Wang Shuxun Survival Analysis & Likelihood Theory -- With applications to parasite development MSc 1991 M.G. Bickis
Yang Mingze Extremal Problems for Completely Positive and Completely Bounded Maps MSc 1991 K.F. Taylor
Kondra Richard M.C. Parameter Estimation Using Box and Cox Transformations with Special Applicatons to Airflow/Pressure Drop Models MSc 1991 W.H. Laverty
Wu Keyi The General Concept of 'In Probability' and the d Method Theorem with Applications to Categorical Data Analysis MSc 1991 W.H. Laverty
Dhillon Amarjit Singh Invariant Means on the Real Line MSc 1990 K.F. Taylor
Schultz Eckart The Stable Rank of Crossed Products of Sectional C*-algebras by Compact Lie Groups PhD 1990 K. Taylor
Fung Kwan Sang Some Algorithms Related to Permutation Tests MSc 1990 M. Bickis
Pohorecky Eric M. C*-Algebras of the Planar Crystal Groups and their Irreducible *-representations MSc 1990 K.F. Taylor
Zhao Yiqiang Shortest Queue Models PhD 1990 W. Grassmann
Eum Kyung L. Convolution Operator Norms PhD 1990 K.F. Taylor
Frempong-Mireku Peter Methods for the Symbolic Solution of Difference Equations MSc 1990 J.S. Devitt
Sarty Gordon Eric Static Hyperelasticity MSc 1990 J.A. Brooke
Shi Zhiyong Invariants of Weyl Groups MSc 1989 R.V. Moody
Tuncali H. Murat Some Generalizations of the Hahn-Mazurkiewicz Theorem PhD 1989 E.D. Tymchatyn
Wong Chim Chwee GIM Algebras and Kac Moody Algebras MSc 1989 S. Berman
Walter Leslie Jean Quadratic Forms, Orderings and Quaternion Algebras Over Rings with Many Units MSc 1988 M.A. Marshall
Wang Xikui A Metric Space Associated with a Probability Space MSc 1988 K.F. Taylor
Han Mei Hypergroups and Tensor Products of Induced Representations MSc. 1988 K.F. Taylor
Sun Jiawu Improved Discretizations for Neumann Problems MSc 1988 J.W. Stephenson
Wang Jian Singular Finite Element Methods in Boundary-Value Problems MSc 1988 M.J. Miketinac
Ghitany Mohammed El-Bateh Optimal Robust Designs for Linear Regression Problems MSc 1988 W.H. Laverty
Altas Irfan Adaptive Mesh Generation PhD 1988 J.W. Stephenson
Sheng Peihao The Waiting Time Distribution in Queueing Systems MSc 1988 W. Grassmann
Mashhood Bahman The Index in Type II1 Factors PhD 1988 K.F. Taylor
Zahid Ghulam Hussain Finite Elements:  A Code for Three-Dimensional Elliptic Problems MSc 1988 M.J. Miket
Lee Yew Sing Root Systems and Generalized Cartan Matrices MSc 1987 S. Berman
Kilic Semra Isometries and Almost Isometries on Certain Branch Spaces MSc 1987 M. Khoshkam
El-Habil Elissa D. On Free Lie Algebras and Kac-Moody Lie Algebras MSc 1986 S. Berman
Tuncali H. Murat Continuous Images of Compact Ordered Spaces M.Sc 1986 E.D. Tymchatyn
El-Krunz Sadi Mohmoud Optimal Designs in Linear Models MSc 1986 W.H. Laverty
Uddin Nizam N2m Designs MSc 1985 C.D. O'Shaughnessy
Kim Joong-Heui Smooth Points of a Banach Space of Vector-Valued  Functions MSc 1985 K.F. Taylor
El-Saadany Sawsan M. Comparative Study of the Estimation Accuracy of Covariance Estimates used in Objective Analysis Scheme MSc 1985 F. Zwiers
Schulz Eckart Robert Derivations on Banach Algebras MSc 1985 P.M. Cuttle
Eum Kyung L. Sidon Sets in Discrete Groups MSc 1985 K.F. Taylor
Eid Dessouki A.M. High Order Difference Schemes for the Helmholtz Equation MSc 1984 J.W. Stephenson
Gilchrist Robert Martin The Asymptotic Distribution of the Sum and Maximum of Chain Dependent Processes MSc 1984 F. Zwiers
Pianzola Arturo The Arithmetic Theory of Elements of Finite Order in Simple Lie Groups PhD 1984 R.V. Moody
Funk Jonathon R. Real Commutative Algebra MSc 1984 M.A. Marshall
Pianzola Arturo J. Isomorphically Repesentable Lie Algebras MSc 1982 R.V. Moody
Kwon Younghee Approximations of Curved Boundaries in the Finite Element Method MSc 1982 J.W. Stephenson
El-Salamoney Mohmoud Abdel Rahman Approximation on a Radially-Symmetric Grid MSc 1982 M.J. Miketinac
Assem Magdy A. Abstract Harmonic Analysis MSc 1982 K.F. Taylor
Tsai Han-Ping Classification of Real Simple Lie Algebras by Infinite Dimensional Lie Algebras MSc 1982 R.V. Moody
Tan Teng-Khoon Multiple Comparison Procedures for Interactions MSc 1981 R. Singh
Islam Muhammad N. Optimum Estimation in the Variance Components Model MSc 1981 W.H. Laverty
Ross William Hunter On Cyclides and Minimal Surfaces of Translation MSc 1981 R. Blum
Grace Said Rezk On Oscillation and Asymptotic Behaviour of Solutions of Differential and Integro-Differential Equations PhD 1981 B.S. Lalli
Mashood Bahman Irreducible Representations of Nilpotent Lie Groups MSc 1981 K.F. Taylor
Hossain M. Ayub Estimation and Design in Variance Components Models MSc 1981 W.H. Laverty
Alwash Amira Kadhum The Calculation of a Jet Flow MSc 1979 E.K.H. Hoehn
Hoque Abdul Polytopal Designs MSc 1979 C.D. O'Shaughnessy
Maier David S.F. Design Specifications in Linear Models MSc 1979 W.H. Laverty
Abo-Zeid Elsayed Some Results in Continua Theory and Hyperspaces PhD 1978 E.D. Tymchatyn
Sezgin Munevver The Numerical Solution of the Navier-Stokes Equations using the Finite Element Method MSc 1978 R. Manohar
Hegde Shankar T. On Z-Separating Algebras, Compactifications and Integral Representations PhD 1978 P.M. Cuttle
Ooi Hee Tang Polyhedral Designs MSc 1978 C.D. O'Shaughnessy
Myint Ma Khin A Study of Sobolev Spaces and their Generalizations MSc 1977 K.W. Welsh
Saini Ram Paul The Design and Analysis of Comparisons with a Control in Block Experiments MSc 1977 W.H. Laverty
Ng Tie-Hua Combining Unbiased Estimators from Normal Populations MSc 1977 R. Singh
Grace Said Rezk Dichotomy and Reducibility of Systems of Linear Differential Equations MSc 1977 B.S. Lalli
Ngai Tat-Yuen Continuation Methods for the Solution of Nonlinear Equations PhD 1976 R. Manohar
Hamoud Gomaa Ahmed Some Aspects of Spline Approximations MSc 1976 J.W. Stephenson
Hegde Shankar T. Finitely Additive Measures on a General Topological Space MSc 1976 P.M. Cuttle
Harman Ruth The Witt Ring MSc 1976 M.A. Marshall
Basti Mehran On Asymptotic Equivalence of Perturbed Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations MSc 1975  
Adatia Aminmohamed Unequal Probability Sampling MSc 1975 W.H. Laverty
Chu Le Quang Small and Compact Perturbations of Linear Operators MSc 1975 P.M. Cuttle
Griffith Gareth James On the Reality of the Inflexions of Real, Plane, Algebraic Curves PhD 1974 R.V. Servranckx
Chang Joseph Chung-Yuan Factorization and Nonfactorization Theorems in Convolution Algebras MSc 1974 Y. Cuttle
Abo-Zeid Elsayed Strongly Convex Metric Spaces MSc 1974 E.D. Tymchatyn
Jahagirdar Rangacharya P. Boundedness and Oscillation of Solutions of Certain Second Order Ordinary Differentail Equations PhD 1973 B. Lalli
Teo Kee-Leong Modular Euclidean Lie Algebras and the Automorphism Groups of their Simple Quotients PhD 1973 R.V. Moody
Kang Hak-Boon Periodic Mappings and Fixed Point Sets MSc 1973 E.D. Tymchatyn
Newman William Lloyd On the Improvement of Runge-Kutta Numerical Integration Methods MSc 1973 R. Manohar
Frank David Constantine Polygonal Designs.  Some Partially Balanced Incomplete Block Designs MSc 1973 C.D. O'Shaughnessy
Ramage Garry Kenneth Zeros of Polynomials over Finite Rings MSc 1973 M.A. Marshall
Stephenson John Wesley Finite Element Procedures for Problems with Curved Boundaries PhD 1973 R. Manohar
Haw Yong The Theory of Buildings MSc 1973 R.V. Moody
Rambally Rodney S. Asymptotic Properties of Solutions of Perturbed Non-Linear Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations PhD 1972 B.S. Lalli
Grover Ashok Kumar Involutions on N-Coherent Sapces MSc 1972 J.H.V. Hunt
Lai Thiam-Ted On Compact Linear Operators and Their Invariant Subspaces MSc 1972 P.M. Cuttle
Gan Hock-Wah Multidimensional Poisson and Related Processes MSc 1972 R. Singh
Gupta Murli M. Convergence and Stability of Finite Difference Schemes for Some Elliptic Equations PhD 1971 R. Manohar
Hwang Raphael Rong-Gen Method of Lines for some Partial Differential Equations MSc 1971 R. Manohar
Ngai Tat-Yuen On Some Variants of Newton's Method MSc 1971 R. Manohar
Yong Fan-Hin The Maximal Abelian Extensions of a Local Field MSc 1971 M.A. Marshall
Jahagirdar R.P. Viscous Flow about a Rotating Sphere MSc 1970 R. Manohar
Smith James Thomas Foundations of Metric Geometry of Arbitrary Dimension PhD 1970 H.N. Gupta-Regina
To Ting-On The Hahn-Banach Type Extension Properties in Ordered Linear Spaces and Semi-Normed Linear Spaces PhD 1970 P. Cuttle
Swift James Lindsay Projective Planes Coordinatized by Cayley Division Algebras MSc 1970 R.V. Moody
Teo Kee-Leong Chevalley Groups Associated with Generalized Cartan Matrices MSc 1970 R.V. Moody
Lorer Daniel Philip Boundedness and Oscillation of Solutions of Certain Second Order Differential Equations MSc 1970 B.S. Lalli
Gupta Murli M. Numerical Solution of Two-dimensional Navier-Stokes Equations MSc 1969 R. Manohar
Koneru Sarveswara Rao Numerical Solution of Non-Steady and Steady State Boundary Value Problems PhD 1969 R. Manohar
Ward Ashton Gene A Method for the Calculation of Upper and Lower Bounds for the Eigenvalues of Two-Electron Systems MSc 1969 E.K.H. Hoehn
Spooner Robert W. Topological Concepts in General Categories MSc 1969 G.H.M. Thomas
Skrapek Wayne Albert Stability and Boundedness Theorems for some Fourth Order Non-linear Differential Equations MA 1969 B.S. Lalli
Waldie Susan Isabelle On the Behrens-Fisher Problem MA 1969 R. Singh
Volk Isidore Raymond Some Numerical Methods for the Solution of the Problem of Atmospheric Diffusion MA 1969 R. Manohar
Gaudet Rolland Joseph On the Lp-conjecture MA 1969 Y. Cuttle
Teh Chin-Yong On Invariant Measures on Uniform Spaces MSc 1969 Y. Cuttle
Maini Kuldip K. Estimating - Log p MSc 1968 D.C Doss
Howe Dallas J. The Stability of Some Multistep Methods for the Numerical Integration of Ordinatry Differential Equations MA 1968  
Ong Kee-Seng Computation of the Singular Homology Groups of Topological Spaces MSc 1968 G.H.M. Thomas
Smith Robb Evans Measure Theory on Fuzzy Sets MA 1968 Y. Cuttle
Davis Reid Roland On Ergodic Transformations and their Orbits MA 1968 P. Cuttle
Fedorus Andrew Topics in Generalized Convexities, Generalized Helly's Theorems and Related Results MA 1968 P. Cuttle
O'Shaughnessy Charles Dennis Quartic Designs PhD 1968 N. Shklov
Carefoot James Bryan A Study of Minimal Surfaces MA 1968 C.L. Kaller-Regina and/R. Blum-Sktn
To Ting On The Hahn-Banach Extension Property and the Least Upper Bound Property in an Ordered Linear Space MSc 1968 P. Cuttle
Lim Chong-keang On Root Systems Associated with Generalized Cartan Matrices MSc 1967 R.V. Moody
Gupta Deanna M. Organization of a Dictionary for Machine Translation MA 1967  
Turnbull Colin Cameron A Study of some methods of Numerical Quadrature MA 1967 R. Manohar
Lancaster George Murice On Conformally Euclidean Spaces of Class One PhD 1967 R. Blum
Wong Shin Shut On Sets of Completeness for Families of Schauder Functions MA 1967 Y. Cuttle
Sangalli Arturo A.L. Some Topological Spaces Constructed from given spaces:  Relations between their Fundamental Groups MSc 1967 G.H.M. Thomas
Nicholson Alexander M. The Calculation of Scattering Amplitudes in Quantum Mechanics MA 1966  
Marshall Murray Angus A Study of the Minimum Genus of a Finite Group MA 1966 Hiroshi Gunji
Nasim Cyril The Divisor Summation Formulae and Related Topics PhD 1966 A.P. Guinand
Herzberg Agnes Margaret On Rotatable and Cylindrically Rotable Designs PhD 1966 N. Shklov
Nichloson Alexander Massey The Calculation Of Scattering Amplitudes In Quantum Mechanics MA 1966 Ray Skinner
Traynor Tim E. A Structure Theorem for Measurable Transformations MA 1965 C.E. Miller
Pearson Terrance Laverne Almost Elliptic Functions PhD 1965 A.P. Guinand
Wickenheiser Oswald J. On Characterizations of the Jacobson Radical MA 1965 P. Cuttle
Chakravartty Isar Chandra The Prime Number Summation Formula and Its Applications PhD 1965 A.P. Guinand
McGillivray Warren Rodney Deviations from Normality under Certain Moment Assumptions MA 1965 C. Kaller
Martin John R. Retraction and Extension Spaces MA 1964 G.H.M. Thomas
Hsu Hsing-Yuan Dimension Theory for Normal Spaces MSc 1964 G.H.M. Thomas
Beaman Jay Regression Least Squares and Related Problems MA 1964 C. Kalle
Hrycay Rudolph Vector-Valued Integrals MA 1964 P. Cuttle
Artiaga Lucio Theory of Functions and Integral Transformations PhD 1964 A.P. Guinand
Pearson Terrance Laverne An Alternative Approach to Summation Formulae MSc 1963 A.P. Guinand
Basavappa Parannara On Some Matrix Equations PhD 1963 Naoki Kimura '61-62 and N. Shklov - 62 -63
McLelland James Edison Formal Logic and Related Algebras MA 1963 G.H.M. Thomas
Baker John Alexander Semi-Groups of Contractions in a Hilbert Space and the Schrodinger Unicity Problem MA 1963 Y. Cuttle
Herzberg Agnes Margaret Certain Third Order Rotatable Designs in Four Dimensions MA 1963 N. Shklov
Zwirner Walter Wilhelm On Continuous Groups of Transformations with a Finite Number of Parameters MA 1961 R. Blum
McDonald Robert Ian Two Topics in Functional Analysis MA 1960 G.H.M. Thomas
Toope James Harold Approximations by Means of Continued Fractions MA 1960 N. Shklov
Tan Peter C. Limit Theorems for Sums of Negative Binomial Variates MA 1959  
Bode Anneliese Eva Marie A Study of Paracompact Spaces MA 1959 G.H.M. Thomas
Duthie Audrey Isabella Tests for Factor Differences when the Numbers of Items in the Sub-classes are unequal MA 1959 N. Shklov
Chorneyko Ihor The Central Limit Problem MA 1957 N. Shklov
Zayachkowski Walter An Analysis of Certain Composite Designs and their Response Surfaces MA 1956 N. Shklov
Kaller Cecil Louis The Negative Binomial Distribution MA 1956 N. Shklov
Arms Robert Joseph Generating Functions of Totally Positive Sequences MA 1951 A. Edrei
Kwizak Michael Tensor Algebra and Multivectors MA 1949 P. Scherk
Korven Kenneth Morice Elliptic Integrals and Elliptic Functions MA 1940  
Vigder Joseph Simon Young's Method for obtaining the Linear Representations of the Symmetric Group MA 1938  
Mather Harry Notes on Russell's Theory of Numbers MA 1937  
McDonald Norman Alexander Taylor's Expansion and its Applications to Analysis MSc 1936  
Dickert Julius B. Some Geometrical Interpretations of Certain Groups of Linear Transformations MA 1936  
McKechney Eleanor Comprehensive exam written MA 1935  
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