The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers a course-based (non-thesis) M.Math with Project, a thesis-based M.Sc., and a Ph.D. degree with specializations in the areas of Applied Mathematics, Mathematics, and Statistics. The course-based M.Math. degree requires a minimum of 30 credit units of course work with Project. The thesis-based M.Sc. degree requires a minimum of 15 credit units and a thesis. The Ph.D. degree requires 9 - 18 credit units beyond the M.Sc. level, depending on the academic background of the student, and a thesis.

Every half course (one term) is worth 3 credit units. Each 3 credit unit course has approximately 37 lecture hours. For the M.Sc. degree, the student is expected to obtain a cumulative average of 70% with no grade less than 60% in a graduate course. In an undergraduate course, the student must attain a grade of at least 70%. For the Ph.D. degree, students must obtain at least 70% in each course. Each student is encouraged to attend all Departmental colloquia and to participate in at least one of the Departmental seminar series based on their specialization.

At the start of each program, the student is assigned an Advisory Committee consisting of the Department Head or designate (usually the Graduate Chair) as chair, the student's supervisor (or co-supervisors) and at least one other member for Master’s degree and three other members for Ph.D. degree. The Advisory Committee guides the student's progress toward the degree and meets formally with the student at least once a year to review his/her progress. The Advisory Committee's report is used as a basis for an annual report prepared by the Graduate Chair for the College of Graduate Studies and Research on the student's progress. Students choose their courses in consultation with their supervisor and Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee can prescribe courses the student has to take for their program.

The Department submits to the College of Graduate Studies and Research a recommended program of studies on behalf of the student. This is done as soon as possible, but in any case it should be submitted within twelve months of the student's first registration in the program.

In the thesis-based M.Sc. and in the Ph.D. program the research for the thesis and the preparation of the thesis are supervised by the student's supervisor. The student must submit a thesis which demonstrates the student's ability to do independent study. The adequacy of the thesis is decided by an examining committee consisting of the Advisory Committee and an external examiner. The candidate must pass an oral examination on the work done for the thesis.  For the Ph.D. program, prior to being given permission to write the thesis, a student must first pass Qualifying Exams and then a Comprehensive Exam

Information for International Students

• Countries & Qualifications  (Contact the Graduate Secretary if clarification is needed after reviewing the information below - See the “Contact information” tab page in the left menu.)
• The language of instruction and examination at the University of Saskatchewan is English. Applicants for admission whose first language is not English must, therefore, present evidence of proficiency in English prior to initial registration. Evidence of proficiency in English is necessary, as evidenced by a degree from a country where one of the official languages is English, or approved standardized testing (TOEFL examination or equivalent).

Financial Support

We are able to offer financial support to the majority of our Graduate Students. In the course of their application and admission, students are advised about the possibility of financial support, and particular funding opportunities.

Financial support for Graduate Students is normally offered in the form of Graduate Teaching Assistantships ($16,344 M.Sc., $19,000 Ph.D.) (all amounts are Canadian dollars). The Department automatically considers all eligible applicants for this funding.

Information for students from China who wish to apply for China Scholarship Council (CSC) scholarship to do a sandwich research period at the University of Saskatchewan: Note that you must formally apply and be admitted by the College of  Graduate Studies and Research at the University of Saskatchewan as Non-Degree Joint Students, not invited as a visiting scholar. The application procedures may be found at:

There exist additional institutional and national scholarships that may require additional applications, and may be subject to other conditions and requirements:

• College of Graduate Studies and Research, University of Saskatchewan
• NSERC Postgraduate scholarships

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