M.A. Theses:

AWUME, Obadiah (M.A.) “Indigenizing ‘Water Security’” (September 2018) Supervisor: Dr. R. Patrick 

BOUVIER, Noelle (M.A.) "Theorizing Co-Production and Coexistence: A Case Study of Municipal-Indigenous Planning in Thompson, Manitoba" (September 2019) Supervisor Dr. R. Walker

FOSTER, Serena D. (M.A.) “ ‘After the SEA’ – Using Military Intelligence Protocols to Translate Strategic Environmental Assessment Results into Operational Directives” (April 2019) Supervisor: Dr. J. Blakley

HERMAN, Lindsay Victoria (M.A.) “Conceptualizing Age-Friendly Communities for Saskatoon’s Chinese-Canadian Older Adults” (April 2018) Supervisor: Dr. R. Walker

THIESSEN, Bethany (M.A.) "Understanding Arctic Shiping Impacts and Mitigation: Impact Assessment As a Tool for Knowledge Brokerage" (June 2019) Supervisors Drs. B. Noble, K. Hanna 

M.Sc. Theses:

ANDERSON, Emily (M.Sc.) “Modelling Changes in Multi-Decadal Streamflow Contributions – Bologna Glacier, Selwyn Mountains, NWT, Canada” (April 2017) supervisor: Dr. J. Pomeroy

DOAN, Thuy Thi Minh (M.Sc.) "Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in Modelling Bison Carrying Capacity in Mixed-Grass Prairie" (November 2019) Supervisor: Dr. X. Guo

ENGLAND, Kirby (M.Sc.) "Busy Beavers in the Big City: An Alaysis of Beaver Distribution, Foraging and Non-Lethal Forage Management in Urban Riverine Forests" (Octobber 2019) Supervisor Dr. C. Westbrook

LI, Meng (M.Sc.) “Evaluate Post-Fire Vegetation Recover in North American Mixed Prairie using RS Approaches” (April 2018) Supervisor: Dr. X. Guo 

LUKE, Lindsay A. “The Effects of Climate Change Considerations in Environmental Assessment: A Case Study of British Columbia’s Liquid Natural Gas Sector” (December 2017) Supervisor: Dr. B. Noble

MARTIN, Kristin D. (M.Sc.) “Radon Gas Detection via Vegetation Spectra Responses Using Space-borne Remote Sensing: A Tool for Uranium Exploration” (May 2019) Supervisor: Dr. X. Guo

MERCER, Jason Joel (M.Sc.) “Insights into Mountain Wetland Resilience to Climate Change: An Evaluation of the Hydrologic Processes Contributing to the Hydrodynamics of Alpine Wetlands in the Canadian Rocky Mountains” (May 2018) Supervisor: Dr. C. Westbrook

NEWMAN, Kevin (M.Sc.) "An Integrated Analysis of Sediment Geochemistry and Flood History of Floodplain Lakes in the Athabasca Region" (August 2019) Supervisor: Dr. D. de Boer

QIAO, Ning (M.Sc.) “Long Term Prairie Wetlands Extraction and Change Detection with Multi-spatial and Multi-temporal Remote Sensing Data” (February 2018) Co-supervisors: Drs. X. Guo and L. Martz

STOLL, Nichole Lynn (M.Sc.) “Exploring Beaver Dam Capacity in the Canadian Boreal Plains Ecozone”
(December 2019) Dr. C. Westbrook

STREICH, Stephanie C. (M.Sc.) “The Hydrological Function of a Mountain Valley-Bottom Peatland Under Drought Conditions” (May 2019) Supervisor: Dr. C. Westbrook

WONG, Lindsay (M.Sc.) “Water Quality Data to Support Cumulative Effects Decision-Making in the Mackenzie Valley, Northwest Territories” (May 2018) Co-supervisors: Drs. B. Noble and K. Hanna (UBC)

ZARCHESHM, Mohammadreza (M.Sc.) “Delineation of Surface Water Bodies Using Radarsat-2 data and TOPAZ masking approach over the Prairie Pothole Region (PPR) in Canada” (March 2018) Supervisor: Dr. L. Martz

Ph.D. Thesis:

AKSAMIT, Nikolas Olson (Ph.D.) “Alpine Turbulence and Blowing Snow” (December 2017) Supervisor: Dr. J. Pomeroy

CUI, Tengfei (Ph.D.) "Investigating the Optimal Temporal Resolution of Satellite Data to Detect Climate-Induced Grassland Phenology Changes" (September 2019) Supervisor: Dr. X. Guo

HARDER, Phillip S. (Ph.D.) “Complexity of Snow-stubble-atmosphere interactions during Snowmelt on the Canadian Prairies” (April 2018) Co-supervisors: Drs. J. Pomeroy and W. Helgason

KARRAN, Daniel James (Ph.D.) “The Engineering of Peatland form and Function by Beaver (Castor spp.)” (April 2018) Co-supervisors: Drs. C. Westbrook and A. Bedard-Haughn

KROGH, NAVARRO, Sebastian Alberto (Ph.D.) “Past and Future Hydrology Near the Arctic Treeline” (October 2018) Supervisor: Dr. J. Pomeroy

LEROUX, Nicolas (Ph.D.) “Mass and Heat Flow through Snowpacks” (May 2018) Supervisor: Dr. J. Pomeroy

LI, Zhaoqin (Ph.D.) “Quantifying Grassland Non-Photosynthetic Vegetation Biomass using Remote Sensing Data” (April 2017) supervisor: Dr. X. Guo

LV, Zhibang (Ph.D.) Assimilation of Snow Information into a Cold Regions Hydrological Model" (August 2019) Supervisor: Dr. J. Pomeroy

MARSH, Chris (Ph.D.) "Multi-Scale Modelling of Cold Regions Hydrology" (August 2019) Supervisors Drs J. Pomeroy and H. Wheater

MORRISON, Alasdair (Ph.D.) "Moving from Flood Resistance to Resilience: "Still Doing It the Hard Way" in Western Canada" (September 2019) Supervisors Drs. B. Noble, C. Westbrook

NEJAD, Sarem Malek Mohammad (Ph.D) "City Planning, Design and Programming for Indigenous Urbanism and Ethnocultural Diversity in Winnipeg" (March 2018) Supervisor: Dr. R. Walker

PRADHANANGA, Dhiraj H. (Ph.D.) "Response of Canadian Rockies Glacier Hydrology to Changing Climate" (January 2020) Supervisor: Dr. J. Pomeroy

RASOULI, Kabir (Ph.D.) “Sensitivity Analysis of Mountain Hydrology to Changing Climate” (March 2017) supervisor: Dr. J. Pomeroy