M.A. Theses:

HERMAN, Lindsay Victoria (M.A.) “Conceptualizing Age-Friendly Communities for Saskatoon’s Chinese-Canadian Older Adults” (April 2018)Supervisor: Dr. R. Walker

M.Sc. Theses:

ANDERSON, Emily (M.Sc.) “Modelling Changes in Multi-Decadal Streamflow Contributions – Bologna Glacier, Selwyn Mountains, NWT, Canada” (April 2017) supervisor: Dr. J. Pomeroy

LI, Meng (M.Sc.) “Evaluate Post-Fire Vegetation Recover in North American Mixed Prairie using RS Approaches” (April 2018) Supervisor: Dr. X. Guo 

LUKE, Lindsay A. “The Effects of Climate Change Considerations in Environmental Assessment: A Case Study of British Columbia’s Liquid Natural Gas Sector” (December 2017) Supervisor: Dr. B. Noble

MERCER, Jason Joel “Insights into Mountain Wetland Resilience to Climate Change: An Evaluation of the Hydrologic Processes Contributing to the Hydrodynamics of Alpine Wetlands in the Canadian Rocky Mountains” (May 2018) Supervisor: Dr. C. Westbrook

QIAO, Ning (M.Sc.) “Long Term Prairie Wetlands Extraction and Change Detection with Multi-spatial and Multi-temporal Remote Sensing Data” (February 2018) Co-supervisors: Drs. X. Guo and L. Martz

WONG, Lindsay (M.Sc.) “Water Quality Data to Support Cumulative Effects Decision-Making in the Mackenzie Valley, Northwest Territories” (May 2018) Co-supervisors: Drs. B. Noble and K. Hanna (UBC)

ZARCHESHM, Mohammadreza (M.Sc.) “Delineation of Surface Water Bodies Using Radarsat-2 data and TOPAZ masking approach over the Prairie Pothole Region (PPR) in Canada” (March 2018) Supervisor: Dr. L. Martz

Ph.D. Thesis:

AKSAMIT, Nikolas Olson (Ph.D.) “Alpine Turbulence and Blowing Snow” (December 2017) Supervisor: Dr. J. Pomeroy

HARDER, Phillip S. (Ph.D.) “Complexity of Snow-stubble-atmosphere interactions during Snowmelt on the Canadian Prairies” (April 2018) Co-supervisors: Drs. J. Pomeroy and W. Helgason

KARRAN, Daniel James (Ph.D.) “The Engineering of Peatland form and Function by Beaver (Castor spp.)” (April 2018) Co-supervisors: Drs. C. Westbrook and A. Bedard-Haughn

LEROUX, Nicolas (Ph.D.) “Mass and Heat Flow through Snowpacks” (May 2018) Supervisor: Dr. J. Pomeroy

LI, Zhaoqin (Ph.D.) “Quantifying Grassland Non-Photosynthetic Vegetation Biomass using Remote Sensing Data” (April 2017) supervisor: Dr. X. Guo

LEROUX, Nicolas (Ph.D.) “Mass and Heat Flow through Snowpacks” (May 2018) Supervisor: Dr. J. Pomeroy

RASOULI, Kabir (Ph.D.) “Sensitivity Analysis of Mountain Hydrology to Changing Climate” (March 2017) supervisor: Dr. J. Pomeroy