Graduate Studies Financial Support

All applicants for graduate studies are considered for financial support. The kinds of financial support available through the Department of Geography & Planning and the University of Saskatchewan are outlined below. Eligible students may also hold other scholarships and awards such as those provided by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

University Graduate Scholarships

Scholarships are granted annually by the University of Saskatchewan to candidates with a strong academic record. The present value of the scholarship is $18,000 per year for Ph.D. students and $15,000 per year for Master's students. Scholarships are renewable for up to two years for Master's students and up to three years for Ph.D. students.

Graduate Teaching Fellowships

The Department has several Teaching Fellowships available which may be granted to qualified graduate students. The duties associated with a Fellowship usually include teaching an introductory class or coordinating laboratory instruction for an introductory class. The present value of a Fellowship is $18,500 per year for Ph.D. and $15,500 for Master's students. The Fellowships are normally renewable at the discretion of the Department.

Graduate Student Assistantships

The department has a number of Student Assistanships available to qualified students. The duties of a teaching assistant usually include instructing and marking laboratories and tutorials for introductory classes. The present value of an Assistantship is approximately $7,700 per year.

Research Fellowships

Research Fellowships may be provided by individual faculty members to graduate students working under specific research grants or contracts.

Graduate Student Awards Database