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Undergraduate Student Advising

Welcome to the Department of Biology Student Advising CentreThe Department of Biology Student Advising Centre provides academic supportand service to Undergraduate Biology students.

The Department of Biology encourages undergraduate students to enhance yourscholastic experience by seeking academic advising. Our advisors areavailable to assist and guide you to plan a successful program compatiblewith personal goals. Meetings with academic advisors help students tounderstand degree requirements, make appropriate course choices, andnavigate university policies and procedures in order to make the most ofyour educational experience in our department and university.

Advising sessions are offered annually from March through September (or asrequired by a student's special circumstances). Students may make anappointment for an advising session in the General Office (Rm. 148) of theDepartment of Biology. If you have any questions, please feel free tocontact the Department by telephone at 966-4399, or via email(biology.dept@usask.ca).

Important Notices 

New Programs and Courses

New Program in Environmental Biology

The Department of Biology has recently developed a new program in Environmental Biology. This is an interdisciplinary program examining the biological components of the environment. Students can work towards a 4-year major with the Honoursprogram option in this exciting field. Contact Us (biology.dept@usask.ca) for information.