Hosted at the University of Saskatchewan, the Canadian Light Source (CLS) is Canada's synchrotron light source; drawing users from across Canada and around the world, it presents remarkable opportunities for enriched interdisciplinary training and research.

INSPIRE convenes trainees from many disciplines into two streams:

  • technologies - working with CLS experts to push performance of all aspects of the synchrotron;
  • applications - using the synchrotron to answer questions in environmental science and agriculture, life and health sciences, natural resources and energy, and advanced materials.

INSPIRE combines technical training at the CLS, where trainees learn to adapt and work in teams in an intensive high technology environment, with professional development training to augment skills and poise trainees for employment. Optional training or workshops at foreign synchrotrons expand the trainee experience.

INSPIRE leverages its interdisciplinary network through program-wide activities with strong trainee leadership, while mentorship circles provide a safe space for thoughtful personal and career development.

Interactions with career advisors and select partner company internships also prepare students to transition to careers in many sectors, from resource and pharmaceutical industry or environmental monitoring to synchrotron specialist.

Equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) is a core training focus, with self-selected students training to become EDI champions.

The interdisciplinary fluency, diverse professional skills and EDI awareness acquired by INSPIRE trainees poise them to be flexible and inclusive leaders, adaptable to meet the unpredictability of employment landscapes.