Collaborative Biostatistics Program

Biostatistics is the study of statistical techniques applied to medical, biological and agricultural data. Applications arise in areas such as public health, clinical medicine, veterinary medicine, health services, occupational/environmental health and rural health.

The Biostatistics Program is a collaborative venture of the School of Public HealthDepartment of Community Health and Epidemiology, and Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Through classroom participation, laboratory sessions, biostatistical consulting opportunities with core faculty members, and research, MSc and PhD students will have opportunity to explore developments in theoretical statistics and the application of this theory in the life sciences. The Biostatistics Program provides students with opportunities to study and conduct research in such areas as:

  • Design and analysis of clinical trials;
  • Analysis of longitudinal data;
  • Analysis of complex survey data;
  • Measurement error;
  • Computational statistics; and
  • Multivariate statistics.