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The world needs leaders, innovators, thinkers and doers. The world needs problem solvers and global citizens that will confront the challenges and opportunities ahead.  Our alumni and donors play an integral role in ensuring our remarkable students are able to receive a world-class University of Saskatchewan education and become the next generation of leaders, professionals, and community members the world needs.

Department Priorities

We are striving to inspire students to succeed by investing in tomorrow’s thinkers and creators. We are seeking the critical philanthropic support needed to reach new levels of excellence in each of these areas for the Department of Indigenous Studies.

Undergraduate Student Awards
We are seeking philanthropic support to increase the number of scholarships and bursaries available to support our undergraduate students.   

Together, we will create need-based bursaries to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to realize their full potential. Removing financial obstacles will provide access to a USask education for scores of students who could otherwise not afford to attend. 

New merit-based scholarships will reward academic achievement. Scholarships are our best opportunity to recruit the most promising students who will go on to change the world. Only you can make this happen. 

Graduate Research Fellowships

Graduate students are researchers and scholars with the skills to make major contributions to their fields. Graduate fellowships allow us to attract the most promising students whose research will change the world. Your support will expand our graduate research fellowships and help train the next generation of researchers, teachers, innovators and thought leaders.

Support Indigenous Achievement
Indigenous students are eager for education and the opportunities that come with it. USask is strongly committed to reconciliation and Indigenization, and the College of Arts and Science is leading the way with improved student supports, Indigenous learning requirements for all students and faculty hiring practices. But there is much more to be done. Donors will ensure that Indigenous learners have equal access to education and that more Indigenous students than ever before will graduate, and start their careers, with a USask degree.

Finances are the number one barrier to education for Indigenous students in Saskatchewan. New scholarships and bursaries are critical to boosting rates of Indigenous student enrolment, retention, and—most importantly—graduation.

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indigenous-studies-trinity-marion.jpegI enjoy learning about Indigenous culture, history, and arts. I have goals to become more involved with the university by attending the events being held at the Gordon Oaks Centre, and hopefully be able to join the Indigenous student union to help me develop my leadership skills and interpersonal grow. 

University can be challenging, especially as a first-year student but to receive an award like this, has given me more courage to continue the path of learning and has given me more confidence that the path I’ve chosen is the right one.

Trinity Marion
Peter Stoicheff Indigenous Student Achievement Pathways First Year Award Recipient

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