Graduate Programs

The Department of Geological Sciences has thriving graduate programs in many areas of the Earth Sciences. About 35-40 graduate students are enrolled in both M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs. All faculty in the Department are very active in research. . . 

Students who are interested in our graduate programs are invited to do the following: 

1. Contact an appropriate faculty member(s) from the list below, either by e-mail or in writing. Please supply a full transcript (either as a Microsoft Word, Corel Word Perfect, Adobe PDF, or ASCII Text file attachment when contacting by e-mail, or as a printed hard copy when submitting an application by post) and a concise statement of your research interests. Please ensure that any electronic submissions are virus-free. Explain why you are interested in graduate studies and your long-term goals. 

All applicants must be provisionally accepted by a supervisor before moving to Step 2: 

2. When you have been provisionally accepted by a supervisor, you should then make a formal application to the College of Graduate Studies and Research

For information about potential graduate student funding and awards, please click here.